The Farm Life set entered the new stage of the Lego competition


A very special project has appeared on the list of candidates for discussion in the first review of fan works selected on the LEGO Ideas website. It is notable primarily for the fact that its author is a 30-year-old Englishman Ben Alder (nickname benlouisa) already achieved similar success several times. And one of his ideas won an open competition, and the Danish company released an official constructor 21326 LEGO Ideas Winnie the Pooh. The creative mood of the master is given by the fact that in his family both his wife and son adore designing.

A new successful project by Ben Alder called “Farm Life” garnered 10,000 votes of support in just 70 days of posting on the LEGO Ideas website. The author’s set of 1500 parts helps to recreate the farm yard with all the details.

Fans support Farm Life by the creator of 21326 LEGO Ideas Winnie the Pooh

In the game location, the main model becomes a large barn. You can drive a tractor into this spacious room, at the top there is a place for storing hay in bales – they are raised using a kind of mini-crane. The side wall and roof of the shed fold down to provide interior play space.

A chicken coop is being built separately – its back wall also opens.

From vehicles along with the mentioned tractor with a trailer in the kit compact truck included. As you can see, all equipment in the set is designed for everyday farming work.

Fans support Farm Life by the creator of 21326 LEGO Ideas Winnie the Pooh

A mounted barrel-shaped installation is used for the production of compound feed – you can drive a tractor under it, load a trailer and deliver nutritious feed to a farm or chicken coop.

In the game set, domestic animals are represented by figures of two chickens, two pigs and one cow. Numerous additions in the form of a variety of rural accessories and items make it possible to realistically recreate ordinary everyday life in a farm yard.

According to the models and miniature figures presented in the author’s set, it can be concluded that a family of four farmers specializes in animal husbandry and poultry farming. In general, their activities are reflected quite convincingly.

Fans support Farm Life by the creator of 21326 LEGO Ideas Winnie the Pooh

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