The collection of New Year’s Lego sets has been replenished

The online store of the Danish construction kit manufacturer has officially unveiled the new 10308 LEGO Main Street Decorated for Christmas set for adults. It will replenish the collection of New Year’s “brick” sets on the theme “Winter Village”, which were announced earlier. The release of the novelty is timed to coincide with the opening of the 2022 holiday season. The set will go on sale October 3rd, with the set first available at VIP and branded stores, and then available at all other retail outlets.

What is the 14th model of this buildable toy series? Game location is created by:

  • 2 beautiful buildings,
  • a large Christmas tree decorated for the New Year,
  • a fragment of the railway track on which a small tram runs,
  • stop with a clock on a pole and a mailbox to send Christmas greetings.

Lego New Year's collection has new sets

Both two-story buildings are covered with snow and hung with Christmas decorations. The design of the tram stop also indicates the snowiness of the main street.

The backs of the buildings are open, so it’s easy to look inside each one and see how they’re set up. In one of the buildings downstairs there is a toy store with a corresponding assortment of goods, on the second floor there is a bedroom, apparently the owner of the store, with a bedside table and a small Christmas tree decorated with toys.

The second house is arranged according to the same general scheme: the first floor is occupied by a store of musical instruments. It sells various percussion instruments, violins, saxophones and others. Upstairs is a small kitchen with a dining table, which is already prepared for a festive candlelit dinner.

Lego New Year's collection has new sets

The 17 cm vehicle recreates the image of an old city tram, also decorated in a Christmas style. By the way, if desired, the owner of the game set will be able to motorize this model. Niches for installing the engine and electric block were provided by the tram developers from the very beginning. However, for such an upgrade, you will need to additionally purchase a special motorization and lighting kit.

In general, all models of the set 10308 LEGO Main Street Decorated for Christmas recreate a completely realistic and “live” picture of a snow-covered town on the eve of the New Year holidays. Moreover, the colorful Christmas decoration created from “bricks” is superbly enlivened by six miniature figures included in the set.

The characters of the toy are represented by:

  • two buyers,
  • a child who goes to the mailbox to send his letter to Santa Claus,
  • two salespeople who own a toy store and a musical instrument store,
  • figurine of a city tram conductor.

Such a selection of characters will allow you to play a great story with pre-holiday fuss during the preparation for Christmas and New Year.

Lego New Year's collection has new sets

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