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Article updated: 06/25/2021

The already difficult and responsible choice of a baby stroller-cane complicates the diversity of the assortment and the assurances of manufacturers that their products are the best. No wonder parents spend a lot of time looking for reliable transportation for their child. It is important that it is not only beautiful, but also convenient to use – few people agree to suffer with a heavy structure. In addition, in good transport, which does not require effort to manage, the child should be spacious and comfortable.

Popular baby strollers of this type have a lot in common:

  • weight about 7-8 kilos,
  • folding mechanism,
  • related accessories.

But the desire to buy the best is understandable – so that it serves for a long time and needs minimal care.

To understand the features, to find out the pros and cons, the rating of models of strollers-canes will help. The TOP includes modern, stylish and high-quality options for baby carriages.

Cane stroller

BabyHit Handy

BabyHit Handy is made for any weather and for any leisure. It is comfortable to walk with it, making countless purchases – a capacious basket will deliver all the goods to their destination.

Stroller BabyHit Handy white-orange


1. The back takes a “lying” position. With the same comfort, the baby will take a nap both on a pleasant walk in the park and in the process of productive shopping.

2. The seat is wide, so even a child in warm overalls will be comfortable in it.

3. A large hood can be lowered low, almost to the handrails – and neither the sun nor the snow will be afraid of the baby.

4. The footrest is adjustable. Children’s feet will always be comfortable.

5. In autumn and winter, a removable canopy will protect the child from the cold.

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6. Front wheels provide smooth turns on flat surfaces. And for the passage of difficult sections they can be fixed.


  1. The stroller weighs a lot – 8.5 kg.
  2. Cape may be a bit short for long legs.

BabyHit Rainbow D200

With the light and elegant BabyHit Rainbow D200, it is easy to follow the recommendations of pediatricians – to walk in any weather. A raincoat will save you from the rain, and on a hot evening, a mosquito net will help protect against mosquitoes and other flying animals. A cover for legs will protect from drafts and cold, and a basket will facilitate the delivery of goods purchased in the store.

Stroller BabyHit Rainbow D200 Beige Diamond


1. The structure is made of aluminum, so the stroller can be folded, lifted or descended stairs without any problems.

2. The seat is adjustable and can take 3 positions.

3. The belt system allows you to ensure the safety of the child in the stroller and at the same time does not prevent him from actively moving and seeing the world around him.

4. The folded “cane” takes up a minimum of space both in the apartment and in the trunk of a car.

5. Dual rear wheels allow you to roll the stroller on uneven asphalt, paving stones or other difficult surfaces without any problems.

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6. The height of the control handles can be adjusted. Therefore, both mom and dad will be comfortable carrying the baby.


  • Pebbles can get stuck in polyurethane wheels.
  • The stroller may rattle slightly on uneven surfaces.

BabyHit Rainbow G2

Stylish mothers will appreciate BabyHit Rainbow G2 – the model is made in a strict, modern design. One of the color names (Black Jack) suggests that the owners of this vehicle love non-standard solutions. However, for those who prefer the classics, there are models with brighter colors.

Stroller Babyhit rainbow G2 black jack


1. The kit includes: a rain cover with a cover on the legs, a net from mosquitoes and other insects, a cup holder. A bag for mom will add confidence in any situation.

2. Safety will be provided not only by 5-point harnesses, but also by a crotch strap on the handrail. It can be removed when not needed.

3. Stylish, discreet design.

4. Spacious basket for “luggage” – toys, bottles or products.

5. For safe braking, the model uses a cable brake.

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6. The compactness characteristic of all canes is also relevant this time – having folded the stroller, it can fit in any corner of the apartment and trunk.


  1. The small hood is not for everyone.
  2. The stroller is heavy for its segment – 8 kg.
  3. The handle configuration may seem awkward at first.

BabyHit Wonder

Lightweight and neat, the transport folds with one hand and takes up astonishingly little space. BabyHit Wonder was created for a good mood during walks – many parents were convinced of this!.

Stroller BabyHit Wonder Blue stars


  1. Good brakes on the rear wheels. The “driver” will brake smoothly and quickly if necessary.
  2. Smooth move. Thanks to the advanced wheel cushioning system, the child in the stroller will not shake, but only pleasantly rock.
  3. Handles for parents are ergonomic and covered with anti-slip material.
  4. The stroller is very light – only 7.2 kg. Therefore, you can walk with it for a long time, enjoying the weather and communication with the baby.
  5. Anatomical seat for a good posture and mood of the baby. In addition, the backrest can be adjusted to three positions. This means that a small passenger will be comfortable in a stroller from 6 months to 3 years.
  6. The cane comes with a canopy, a protective rain cover and a mosquito net, which means walking in any weather will bring pleasure.
  7. Front swivel wheels are optional. In open space, they add maneuverability to transport, and in a leisurely thoughtful walk through a supermarket or shopping center, they are fixed, increasing safety.
  8. Convenient and discreet basket for things and purchases.

BabyHit Wonder Maroon Stroller


  • No toggle handle.
  • The back does not take a lying position.


The extravagance of the design solution of this stroller-cane will secure the title of a stylish woman for mom. Be Cool SILLA STREET from the Spanish manufacturer will pleasantly surprise you with its trendy design.

Stroller Be Cool SILLA STREET Camel


  1. The high maneuverability of the “cane” allows you to walk with pleasure both along the streets of a big city and a crowded shopping center.
  2. The backrest can take 5 different positions, which will satisfy the needs of six-month-old babies and babies up to 3 years old.
  3. The folded model is easy to carry thanks to the special handle. You don’t have to worry about getting dirt on your clothes.
  4. Polyurethane wheels will not be damaged by curbs and road surface irregularities.
  5. The bumper is removed.
  6. The front and rear wheels are double, so the model is stable and reliable.


  • The walking block is located only facing the road.
  • No armrests or leg support.
  • No toggle handles.

Chicco Echo Stroller

The charming stroller-cane of bright design is stable and reliable – it can be seen literally at first sight. Chicco Echo Stroller is an excellent solution for fans of rich colors and high quality.

Stroller Chicco Echo Stroller


  1. Quality inflatable wheels.
  2. The back is compacted, so in the warm season you can roll your baby even from birth.
  3. Depending on the age of the child, the position of the backrest needs to be changed. There are 4 positions for this.
  4. The Twin Safe central locking and 5-point harness will keep your baby safe without causing him any inconvenience.
  5. The stroller has a side handle to make it easier to carry when folded.
  6. The folded cane is so compact that it will even fit in a shallow, narrow trunk.


  • More suitable for driving on a flat surface.

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Chicco Lite Way Top

The stylish design of the bright aluminum stroller will make you feel confident on a walk in the park or the city center. A popular catalog item, Chicco Lite Way Top will cheer you up even on a gray and cloudy day.

Stroller Chicco Lite Way Top Red


  1. The elegant size allows you to use the “cane” anywhere – it is convenient to take transport on a trip, because an elegant cane will fit anywhere.
  2. Dense and pleasant to the touch textile part.
  3. Seat belts do not interfere with the child, do not irritate the fidget baby.
  4. The protective bumper is soft. It does not have to be removed if you need to fold the stroller.
  5. The leg bag is comfortable to use in winter. And in the warm season, you can transform it into a light cape.
  6. The overall impression is complemented by a stylish and neat soft basket for food and things under the bottom of the stroller.


  • Lack of armrests for the hands of the baby.
  • You can’t push the stroller with one hand.

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  • Not an option for snowy pavement or icy conditions.

Peg-Perego IS COMPLETE Luxe Gray

The ultralight version of the Peg-Perego SI COMPLETO Luxe Gray is made in a pleasant and unobtrusive design. This “cane” is ideal for walking in the off-season. Suitable for both boys and girls.

Stroller Peg-Perego SI COMPLETO Luxe Gray


  1. “Cane” is really light – only 7.2 kg. The stroller is perfect for long walks and travel.
  2. The control handles can be adjusted in height.
  3. Five-point wide and soft belts will not create discomfort, but will secure the baby.
  4. The basket for things and purchases is capacious and dense.
  5. The bumper can be removed if necessary.
  6. When folded, the stroller takes up minimal space.


  • The non-removable cover is not very convenient to wash.
  • Mosquito net not included.

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Viva Kids iWalk

The bright cane Viva Kids iWalk will not only make an indelible impression on others, but will also become a comfortable and reliable transport for a baby up to three years old. And the quality of the model is on a par with world famous brands.

Stroller Viva Kids iWalk Strawberry


  1. The stroller can be used not only in spring and summer, but also in winter thanks to the double front and rear wheels and a warm footmuff.
  2. A large hood is “enough” for a head in a hat with the most intricate bubo! It will protect the appearance of the product from snow and rain and, most importantly, preserve the health of the baby.
  3. Through a transparent viewing window it is convenient to look at the world.
  4. The design is designed in such a way that the cane can be folded and unfolded with one hand. A special lock will help to fix the position of the stroller. Now you do not need to think about where to put the child while they are folding his vehicle.
  5. The bumper and mattress of the stroller can be easily removed if necessary.
  6. The equipment is familiar and convenient: a mosquito net and a raincoat, a cup holder with a canopy.
  7. The weight of only 6.6 kg will allow you to effortlessly lift and carry the first transport of a small passenger.


  • No toggle handle.
  • The position of the stroller is only facing the road.

As can be seen from the rating, strollers are an indispensable “transport” for children in the warm season and for traveling. With a small price difference, there is a wide choice of colors, weights and dimensions of canes.

Bright and noticeable positions from the brand BabyHit – Wonder and Handy. And in this rating, the Chicco manufacturer remains on top – the Echo Stroller and Lite Way Top models are worthy of the attention of the most selective parent. But the Be Cool SILLA STREET position will appeal to those who prefer invariably stylish things.

Restrained, stylish model BabyHit Rainbow D200 will complement an elegant and calm look. And the lightest Viva Kids iWalk is suitable for travelers.


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