The best baby strollers with a hand brake: top 5 models


A handbrake in children’s transport in the early years of its existence was considered a luxury, because strollers equipped with this device were prohibitively expensive. But now many can afford the first transport of a child with its use. The top of the best will help you choose the most suitable model. The rating describes different types of strollers that differ in functionality.


Stroller with handbrake Peg-Perego SI COMPLETO

The light cane is ideal for walking with a baby from six months in the warmer months. The frame is made of aluminum and folds almost effortlessly with one hand. This model is relevant for parents who often use public transport or travel. When folded, it stands securely in an upright position without additional support.


1. Peg-Perego SI COMPLETO seat transforms into a sleeper. To do this, simply lower the backrest as horizontally as possible and raise the footrest.

2. The model is presented in 13 colors, so each buyer will find what he likes.

3. An additional removable visor will protect the little passenger from rain and wind, so you can breathe air and get acquainted with the outside world even in bad weather.

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4. The upholstery of the seat unit and the hood can be machine washed on a delicate cycle.

5. Bumper – removable. You can either remove it for a while – it’s easier to take the baby in your arms – or remove it permanently when the child grows up.

6. The safety of fidgets will be ensured by a strong belt system that will not restrict movement.

Thule Chariot Cougar1

Thule Chariot Cougar Handbrake Stroller1

A sports car in the world of wheelchairs was created specifically for those who cannot imagine their life without sports. In particular, this model will become a reliable companion for moms and dads who are running and cycling. The spacious streamlined body looks fashionable and stylish, and anodized aluminum was used for the protective frame. Thule Chariot Cougar1 folds up like a book.

Other advantages:

1. The kit includes parts for secure attachment to the bike. The model can also be put on skis.

2. The suspension is adjustable according to the road surface for a smooth ride.

3. For the greatest protection of the passenger, all four wheels are removable fixed, and the seat back is fixed in one position.

It should be remembered: Only children who have reached the age of 6 months can be transported in such strollers.

4. Tinted side walls are made using reflective material. They also function as windows and provide ventilation inside the stroller. Additional comfort is provided by a sun canopy and a rain cover, which are included in the set.

5. The holding mechanism is provided with pads. It can be adjusted.

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Wheelchair with hand brake GB BELI 4

Cheerful and colorful, it’s made from textiles in the Maris Plus design. The stroller looks trendy and could even become a worthy attribute on the set of a science fiction film about the future. The inside of the seat is reminiscent of a Formula 1 driver’s seat. So GB BELI 4 will emphasize the urban style of parents of the 21st century.


1. The model was equipped with a hand and foot brake, which will help out in any life situation.

2. Transport is designed for toddlers from 6 months, but if you buy a cradle or car seat, you can roll the heir from birth.

3. In a spacious block with a high back, it will be comfortable for older children, and if you lay it out for sleeping, then the length will be one meter.

4. The design is folded with one hand and when folded – fits compactly even in a cramped room.

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5. The “roof” descends to the bumper, so that the baby will sleep comfortably.

6. The basket can accommodate up to five kilograms of necessary things and products.

7. The height of the handle is adjusted according to the height of the “driver”. Three levels allow you to adjust the control for each parent.

Peg-Perego GT3

  Peg-Perego GT3 Handbrake Stroller

An elegant walking model rides on three wheels. Two are at the back, they are fixed, one is at the front, swivel. Such a chassis system makes children’s transport maneuverable and easy to control. Also, patency is increased due to inflatable rubber wheels. The most popular Peg-Perego GT3 in red and beige.


1. Taking into account the inflatable chassis, the model was equipped with a pump for pumping.

2. A tulle mesh has been sewn into the hood, which provides ventilation in hot weather.

3. Shock absorbers on the rear wheels – adjustable. Depending on the surface on which the stroller rides, you can choose a soft, medium and hard mode of operation.

4. The seat belts can be tightened or loosened according to the age of the baby.

5. The back of the seat can take three positions, so the little one will have a comfortable rest and spend time actively.

6. A spring is built into the back of the trunk to make things easier to access.

Possible complaints:

  • the walking block is installed only facing the road.

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Mima BOMore

Stroller with handbrake Mima BO

The cane looks stylish and neat. The cape combines black and white tones, which makes the exterior of the vehicle even more elegant. The light model consists of a walking compartment and a trunk for things and purchases.


1. The design is folded in one gesture, and when folded, it takes up little space in the room and trunk.

2. Mima BO’s four polyurethane wheels are puncture-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about small pebbles and broken glass on the pavement.

3. Front and rear wheels are double, which provides a tighter contact with the surface.

4. The front swivel chassis has a locking system. This is handy when you need to keep the stroller in place while shopping.

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5. The footrest and backrest are adjustable in three positions. Therefore, both the baby and the older child will feel comfortable.

6. The model is narrow enough to roll it through small doorways and elevators without any problems.

Possible complaints:

  • the direction of the walking block is only facing the road.

The best handbrake strollers are lightweight and practical. The reliability of the materials from which children’s vehicles are made promise durability and the ability to use on streets with different surfaces. Popular companies care about the safety of small passengers, so they equip their products with proven safety belts. They do not forget about the comfort of the “drivers” either: spacious luggage baskets, adjustable handles and a simple folding mechanism make walks desirable and carefree.


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