The alchemist’s house entered the review of the Lego idea contest

What could be more interesting than trying to figure out the legendary formula for gold? That is why 10,000 visitors to the LEGO Ideas website expressed their desire to be transported with the author of the Medieval Alchemist project to ancient times. Whether this will happen in reality is now completely dependent on the assessment of a strict jury. Lego.

The author of the idea under the nickname _MrB_ proposes to build a colorful house with a residential attic and a tower attached to it. The alchemist and his assistant live in it, conjure over flasks and other vessels with liquids. A tall tree grows near the house, “creepers” have crawled along the walls, and in a small front garden in front of the dwelling, the owners grow various crops. True, one can only guess whether they will end up in the kitchen or become ingredients for pseudoscientific experiments.

The model of the dwelling is revealed, thanks to which you can consider the interior arrangement of the premises:

  • just outside the front door, guests are greeted by a skeleton with a torch in its bony hand;
  • there is a laboratory with a table on which several flasks and dishes with liquids are placed;
  • all this and the presence of two crystals – silver and gold suggests that some new formula is being tested here to obtain a precious metal using chemistry.

Lego fan in his project invites to visit a medieval alchemist

Climbing up the stone stairs to the tower, you find yourself in a rather simple bedroom. The further way up – already along a wooden staircase, leads to a small room with a single large chest, which probably holds many secrets of the alchemist. In general, all items in the rooms reflect antiques and furniture.

A small surprise awaits outside – behind a crooked tree is the wheel of a water mill. The device can be set in motion with a small handle.

The dimensions of the game model will be 30 cm long, 20 cm wide and 22 cm high.

Lego fan in his project invites to visit a medieval alchemist

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