LEGO sets will become more expensive in 2022!

[ad_1] In January 2022, the price increase for LEGO sets is expected. This will affect sets of all thematic series, from Duplo and Girlfriends to Star Wars and Technic, regardless of the «age» and popularity

How many collectible LEGO minifigures will appear in 2022?

[ad_1] The question of how many sets with collectible miniature figures the Danish manufacturer will release in 2022 worries many Western bloggers. Therefore, information on this topic that appeared on Instagram became a pouring of

«Lego» for adults presents a great novelty

[ad_1] The authors of the new set 76238 LEGO® DC Batman Classic Batman Mask offer fans and collectors of prefabricated toys to create an amazing thing with their own hands. This model can be considered

«Lego» launched «Welcome to adults» ad

[ad_1] The LEGO company has seriously taken up the work of replenishing the ranks of the builders with representatives of the older generations, as well as the return of those who, having matured, ceased to

Large figures of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger

[ad_1] Constructor 76393 LEGO Harry Potter and Hermione Granger became one of the interesting proposals of October for fans of the little wizard. The Lego company presented large prefabricated figures of the main characters of

Which brand will be the prototype of the new Formula 1?

[ad_1] Fans of a purely «male» series of constructors «Technician» and its sub-theme «Speed ​​Champions» are waiting. Everyone is waiting for rumors about the release of a new version of the Formula 1 racing car