Lego Fans Day is here!

[ad_1] 23 September LEGO House Museum reopened its doors after a months-long hiatus due to covid. In the small Danish town of Billund, where the first Lego building brick was invented, construction fans from all

New Dagobah diorama to be unveiled in 2022

[ad_1] Although this information is still only at the level of assumptions, it deserves attention. Especially fans of the film and the eponymous series of themed sets «Star Wars». Along with the novelties announced today,

At your service «Catalogue LEGO Christmas 2021»

[ad_1] This news will please many design lovers. A digital catalog with the Danish manufacturer’s Christmas sets has become available to visitors on the LEGO Group servers. So anyone can now simply “flip through” online

«Lego» launched «Welcome to adults» ad

[ad_1] The LEGO company has seriously taken up the work of replenishing the ranks of the builders with representatives of the older generations, as well as the return of those who, having matured, ceased to

10294 LEGO Titanic Grand Set Review

[ad_1] Recently, the Danish manufacturer officially announced the start of sales in November of the set with the longest model in its history! Constructor 10294 LEGO Titanicaddressed to adult construction enthusiasts, makes it possible to

Stuntmen sets were removed from sales in US stores

[ad_1] At the beginning of the month, we told you about new designers Legoproduced in the original line «Stuntmen». The unique features of the novelty include completely new motorcycles equipped with clockwork motors. Thanks to