Five New LEGO Sets Delayed

[ad_1] The familiar 404 warning greets all visitors to who decide to check out the recently announced five new Lego products. Among them 40519 LEGO CREATOR New York Postcard and 40520 LEGO CREATOR Beijing

Is it profitable to invest in Lego sets

[ad_1] In 2019, Associate Professor of the Russian Higher School of Economics Victoria Dobrynskaya published results of your research, which also interested design fans. The main conclusion of the scientist was the assertion that Lego

12 new sets to join Lego line BrickHeadz

[ad_1] We already talked about some of the novelties of the Lego BrickHeadz series in last year’s news. Now there is information that only 12 thematic constructors are expected to be released in the near

7 Unique Facts About Lego Building Blocks

[ad_1] Annually On January 28, fans of the «world of cubes» celebrate International LEGO Day. The current one turns out to be especially festive, because it is 90 years since the start of the activity

LEGO has 2 more botanical sets

[ad_1] At the beginning of 2021, the Danish company introduced sets to adult construction fans LEGO Botanical Collection, or in translation «Botanical collection». Then a completely new line was opened by 4 sets: 40460 Roses,