At your service «Catalogue LEGO Christmas 2021»

[ad_1] This news will please many design lovers. A digital catalog with the Danish manufacturer’s Christmas sets has become available to visitors on the LEGO Group servers. So anyone can now simply “flip through” online

Lego set with evil Rancor from Star Wars movie

[ad_1] Rumors are being discussed among Western bloggers that among the characters of the expected set 75326 LEGO Star Wars: The Boba Fett Bookmay appear Rancor figurine. For the first time, this formidable creature in

LEGO Super Mario lineup expands with sets and figures

[ad_1] We recently reported that Lego has scheduled a 2022 release of the Lego starter sets. «Super Mario». However, from the announced thematic constructors of the official online store of the Danish manufacturer, it becomes

Designer inspired to create a real castle

[ad_1] The stunning work was presented to the public on his website by designer Ben Pitchford. He created from Lego blocks a very colorful diorama with a medieval castle on the seashore. Also in the

6 Most Expensive Lego Sets for November 2021

[ad_1] In November, the leader of the list of 6 most expensive Lego sets of all time changed The demand for prefabricated toys, both for children and adults, has become truly global this past November.

Painting with tiger made of Lego blocks

[ad_1] From building «bricks» «Lego» you can create just amazing things. You are convinced of this once again when you see such an amazing picture of cubes«painted with a brush» by construction fan Tobias Münzert