Many Star Wars sets will soon disappear from the shelves!

[ad_1] Western bloggers have some interesting information about the upcoming liquidation of many sets of the popular Star Wars series. The publication is accompanied by a list indicating the articles and names of constructors that

After the break, new sets «Architecture» will appear

[ad_1] At the beginning of the message, we recall that this year the company «Lego» in the line «Architecture» introduced just the only 21056 LEGO themed Taj Mahal. The project is large-scale and, undoubtedly, pleased

Constructors at low prices in the Zavvi store

[ad_1] On the eve of the Christmas holidays, many stores offer goods at discounted prices. Construction enthusiasts also have the opportunity to take advantage of seasonal discounts. So, in the Zavvi online store, they can

6 Most Expensive Lego Sets for November 2021

[ad_1] In November, the leader of the list of 6 most expensive Lego sets of all time changed The demand for prefabricated toys, both for children and adults, has become truly global this past November.

LEGO Architecture sets will get new packaging

[ad_1] The official information of the Danish company about the release by January 1, 2022 of the new constructor 21057 LEGO Architecture «Singapore» has interested many construction lovers. We already talked about this set in

Official stores adjust prices for Lego sets

[ad_1] We have already reported that changes in kit prices expected in 2022 Danish manufacturer. The Lego company on this occasion published a statement explaining the reasons for the upcoming changes in 2022. The main

Tesla electric pickup set release delayed

[ad_1] Fans of the Technic series are already accustomed to the fact that the Danish company releases an expensive and high-quality copy of some famous car every 2 years. Of the latest such projects, one