The first branded Lego store on a cruise ship.

[ad_1] The LEGO company is developing new markets for finished products. So, on September 25, she opened her first company store on a cruise ship — on board the flagship ship belonging to the German

«Lego» launched «Welcome to adults» ad

[ad_1] The LEGO company has seriously taken up the work of replenishing the ranks of the builders with representatives of the older generations, as well as the return of those who, having matured, ceased to

Charity action «Lego»

[ad_1] In November, the traditional Build to Give charity campaignthat the LEGO Group has been hosting annually on Christmas Eve since 2017. It is designed to help bring the joy of playing with Lego to

Legoland construction begins in Shanghai

[ad_1] A grand event took place in China last week: a groundbreaking ceremony was held in the southwestern Jinshan district of Shanghai new Legoland. The amusement park will cover an area of ​​318,000 square meters.

6 Most Expensive Lego Sets for November 2021

[ad_1] In November, the leader of the list of 6 most expensive Lego sets of all time changed The demand for prefabricated toys, both for children and adults, has become truly global this past November.

Minifigures from old Star Wars sets will become cheaper

[ad_1] Instagram user lego_fulcrum revealed that minifigure sets featuring two iconic Star Wars characters will be available in 2022. Captain Rex and Commander Cody return to the «world of cubes» after a ten-year break. The

Is it profitable to invest in Lego sets

[ad_1] In 2019, Associate Professor of the Russian Higher School of Economics Victoria Dobrynskaya published results of your research, which also interested design fans. The main conclusion of the scientist was the assertion that Lego