10294 LEGO Titanic Grand Set Review

[ad_1] Recently, the Danish manufacturer officially announced the start of sales in November of the set with the longest model in its history! Constructor 10294 LEGO Titanicaddressed to adult construction enthusiasts, makes it possible to

Interesting motorization model «Titanic»

[ad_1] Western bloggers have returned to the collectible designer for adults 10294 LEGO Titanic, released not so long ago by the Danish company Lego. The reason for this was the message that a certain Reddit

LEGO revealed the secret of the pyramid of Cheops

[ad_1] Official online store Lego announced the June replenishment of its assortment with a designer for adults 21058 LEGO Architecture Pyramid of Cheops. It is already known that the set includes 1476 parts. The price