Harry Potter book and themed mini-constructor

[ad_1] AMEET publishing house is the official partner of the Lego company, published a catalog of books, scheduled for publication in 2022. Educational and educational literature covers almost all thematic areas of the Danish manufacturer

Prefabricated Houses for Halloween Decor

[ad_1] On Sunday, October 31, many countries in Europe and America will celebrate another international halloween holiday, dating back to the traditions of the ancient Irish and Scottish Celts. Everyone is preparing for this event,

Ninjago Comic Series Coming Soon

[ad_1] From 2022, the release of the original series of comics under the Lego brand will begin — for the first time in the history of the Danish company. The project is the result of

2 of the best Lego sets are back on sale

[ad_1] The last months of 2021 in the «world of cubes» are increasingly reminiscent of the end of 2020 due to the almost rush demand for designers. Some Western bloggers are beginning to fear a

Will the «time machine» return in 2022

[ad_1] The Promobricks blog has reported that Lego will release a set for adults with a car model in 2022 DeLorean, or translated «DeLorean». For many young people, this name may be unfamiliar, which is

LEGO Ideas NINJAGO Unity Microgame Contest Ends

[ad_1] Nearing the end microgame competition «Ideas: NinjaGo», announced by the manufacturer of designers LEGO together with the company for the creation of computer games Unity. Interestingly, instead of simply announcing the names of the

Lego sets with marriage are popular

[ad_1] Unexpected refusal of a Danish manufacturer to send a second gift set to toy stores 40489 LEGO Mr. and Mrs. Claus Living Room received an equally unexpected continuation. Recall that this set was planned