New LEGO Super Mario sets are on sale now!

[ad_1] The Lego company has opened sales of three new sets of designers of the Super Mario series. Each of them will bring to its customers, in addition to the original models, additional bonuses in

The first branded Lego store on a cruise ship.

[ad_1] The LEGO company is developing new markets for finished products. So, on September 25, she opened her first company store on a cruise ship — on board the flagship ship belonging to the German

Drone in service with Spider-Man

[ad_1] Fans of superheroes will surely be pleased with the release of this set. For the premiere of the film «Spider-Man: No Way Home» produced by the film studio «Marvel», the Danish company timed its

Many Star Wars sets will soon disappear from the shelves!

[ad_1] Western bloggers have some interesting information about the upcoming liquidation of many sets of the popular Star Wars series. The publication is accompanied by a list indicating the articles and names of constructors that

«Lego» launched «Welcome to adults» ad

[ad_1] The LEGO company has seriously taken up the work of replenishing the ranks of the builders with representatives of the older generations, as well as the return of those who, having matured, ceased to

Gift from Lego for Singles Day

[ad_1] The Lego company picked up the idea of ​​​​celebration singles day, which is celebrated annually in China on November 11. However, today it is celebrated in England, the USA and Australia. Why exactly the

LEGO Super Mario lineup expands with sets and figures

[ad_1] We recently reported that Lego has scheduled a 2022 release of the Lego starter sets. «Super Mario». However, from the announced thematic constructors of the official online store of the Danish manufacturer, it becomes