Prices for Model Lighting Kits Reduced

[ad_1] Lightailing online store offers electrification kits for Lego models with a discount of up to 40%. And this means that fans of construction have a real opportunity to give a completely new look to

Christmas Carousel of Creativity in Covent Garden

[ad_1] From midnight December 1 until midnight January 2, London’s Covent Garden will host a festive exhibition of the Lego company. The Danish manufacturer exhibited similar installations 3 times before: in 2015 it was called

Interesting motorization model «Titanic»

[ad_1] Western bloggers have returned to the collectible designer for adults 10294 LEGO Titanic, released not so long ago by the Danish company Lego. The reason for this was the message that a certain Reddit

The long-awaited Lego gift set is out

[ad_1] The appearance of the official images of this set in the Lego online store was the end of the whole epic. Recently, construction fans have often mentioned in their posts about the gift constructor,

Lego will release 2 tech sets by the end of summer

[ad_1] In august set fans Lego will be able to purchase 2 very interesting and entertaining models from a series of prefabricated «technical» toys. This became known to fans from the announcement in the catalog,

How to choose a model kit, selection tips and reviews

[ad_1] national team model — a reduced copy of vehicles (primarily cars), buildings, engineering and military equipment, ships, soldiers. The peculiarity of the prefabricated model is not only in the most accurate reproduction of the