Constructors at low prices in the Zavvi store

[ad_1] On the eve of the Christmas holidays, many stores offer goods at discounted prices. Construction enthusiasts also have the opportunity to take advantage of seasonal discounts. So, in the Zavvi online store, they can

Will the «time machine» return in 2022

[ad_1] The Promobricks blog has reported that Lego will release a set for adults with a car model in 2022 DeLorean, or translated «DeLorean». For many young people, this name may be unfamiliar, which is

LEGO Star Wars accessories

[ad_1] In 2022, fans of the most popular line of designers «Star Wars» will be able to supplement the ranks of miniature soldiers and combat arsenal with new types of weapons. Lego_club on Instagram reports

New Marvel Series Sets for Toddlers

[ad_1] Four new items for 4-year-old building fans will be released by Lego in the first month of the new year. The creators of play sets invite you to go in search of new adventures

Official stores adjust prices for Lego sets

[ad_1] We have already reported that changes in kit prices expected in 2022 Danish manufacturer. The Lego company on this occasion published a statement explaining the reasons for the upcoming changes in 2022. The main

12 new sets to join Lego line BrickHeadz

[ad_1] We already talked about some of the novelties of the Lego BrickHeadz series in last year’s news. Now there is information that only 12 thematic constructors are expected to be released in the near

Lego will have a brand new theme in 2022

[ad_1] A completely new theme, tentatively called «Coconut», has become the subject of discussion on sites dedicated to Lego constructors. The reason for this was the message of the user «Instragram» under the nickname 1414falconfan.

Aston Martin & Fast & Furious Champion Series Kits

[ad_1] In recent years, innovations LEGO Speed ​​Champions dedicated to cars of certain countries. For example, last year, buyers of kits from a Danish company became owners of copies of American sports cars. In 2022,

Will Ninjago villains return to Lego

[ad_1] If you believe the information from Promobricks, then in the summer to the modeling arena Lego will return 3 villains: Harumi, Asfira and Pythor. This trio of characters is known to fans of the

Not all fans appreciated Lego awards unambiguously

[ad_1] On the starting day of the traditional London Toy Fair 2022 (Note that the LEGO Group is not currently a member) British Toy and Hobby Association (BTHA) and Toy Retailers Association (TRA) announced the