An amazing collection of fairy tales from «Lego»

[ad_1] Since the beginning of October, construction fans have had the opportunity to become owners of one amazing collection of fairy tales, which came out as part of a special project. LEGO Bricktober 2021. The

«Lego» will release a set with an alternative assembly

[ad_1] Information that the constructor will be released in June 31132 LEGO Creator Viking Ship and Midgard Serpent received official confirmation. We have already talked about it before. Now the Danish company has published detailed

LEGO Build a Minifigure service is back

[ad_1] After a long hiatus due to the pandemic, Lego stores are back with the opportunity to order parts to create miniature figures of various characters. This is a long awaited event LEGO Build a

3 Summer New LEGO Monkie Kid Series

[ad_1] Along with a lot of new products in the summer of 2022, 3 designers from a relatively young line of the Danish manufacturer will appear on store shelves. We are talking about sets of

5 princesses with Lego castle

[ad_1] Internet users have already discussed the incomprehensible meaning laid down by the creators in the name of the set 43205 LEGO Disney Ultimate Castle Adventure. But the game location itself is very interesting and

How to choose a game figure, selection tips and reviews

[ad_1] game figurine — a three-dimensional image of a person, animal or fictional creature. Such a toy is usually a miniature copy of movie and cartoon characters, fairy-tale characters, soldiers and animals. The range of