«Lego» launched «Welcome to adults» ad

[ad_1] The LEGO company has seriously taken up the work of replenishing the ranks of the builders with representatives of the older generations, as well as the return of those who, having matured, ceased to

When will the new LEGO minifigures be available?

[ad_1] A recent demonstration of a Lego educational video created quite a stir among building enthusiasts. The film is dedicated to the joint project of the Danish manufacturer with NASA and the Artemis I mission

10294 LEGO Titanic Grand Set Review

[ad_1] Recently, the Danish manufacturer officially announced the start of sales in November of the set with the longest model in its history! Constructor 10294 LEGO Titanicaddressed to adult construction enthusiasts, makes it possible to

Lego Technic New in January with Two New Models

[ad_1] January 2022 promises to give young building fans two new models from the Lego company. They will feature licensed monster trucks popular with kids. monster jam. Apparently, the Danish manufacturer intends to continue to

Constructors at low prices in the Zavvi store

[ad_1] On the eve of the Christmas holidays, many stores offer goods at discounted prices. Construction enthusiasts also have the opportunity to take advantage of seasonal discounts. So, in the Zavvi online store, they can

The release of a new space set «Lego» is expected

[ad_1] Construction fans remember well 2019, which in the «world of cubes» became truly «cosmic». Then the Lego company presented 9 thematic constructors, among them a set 60228 LEGO City Space Rocket and Launch Control

Interesting motorization model «Titanic»

[ad_1] Western bloggers have returned to the collectible designer for adults 10294 LEGO Titanic, released not so long ago by the Danish company Lego. The reason for this was the message that a certain Reddit