How many collectible LEGO minifigures will appear in 2022?

[ad_1] The question of how many sets with collectible miniature figures the Danish manufacturer will release in 2022 worries many Western bloggers. Therefore, information on this topic that appeared on Instagram became a pouring of

New issue of LEGO Star Wars magazine is out

[ad_1] In early October, the last issue appeared on store shelves. LEGO Star Wars Magazine. This edition will interest even those who do not like to read media products. Because it includes a small kit

To the 15th anniversary of Lego modular buildings

[ad_1] Next year for the Danish manufacturer brings a new anniversary date — it will be 15 years since the start of production of designers with modular buildings. For the first time, prefabricated sets of

10294 LEGO Titanic Grand Set Review

[ad_1] Recently, the Danish manufacturer officially announced the start of sales in November of the set with the longest model in its history! Constructor 10294 LEGO Titanicaddressed to adult construction enthusiasts, makes it possible to

Christmas Carousel of Creativity in Covent Garden

[ad_1] From midnight December 1 until midnight January 2, London’s Covent Garden will host a festive exhibition of the Lego company. The Danish manufacturer exhibited similar installations 3 times before: in 2015 it was called