LEGO 2022 program from AMEET website

[ad_1] What new constructors will the Danish manufacturer release in the near future? Many design fans find the answer to this question in books published by AMEET. This source of information is interesting not only

New transformer Optimus Prime from Lego

[ad_1] According to the Promobricks blog, in May the Danish company will release a set with one of the most famous transformers — constructor 10302 «Optimus Prime». The kit consists of 1508 parts and will

Baseball caps for true Lego fans

[ad_1] Company Lego continues to encourage the most loyal customers with a variety of souvenirs and gifts. At the same time, the assortment of gift items is regularly updated with pleasant novelties. So, in mid-April,

Exclusive LEGO Inside Tour Guest Set

[ad_1] In October 2021, The Lego Company announced that it would reopen its doors to building fans in 2022. A 2.5-day ticket for the LEGO Inside Tour costs $2,200 (134,440 rubles). The price includes meals,

How to choose a toy weapon, selection tips and reviews

[ad_1] toy weapon — children’s analogue of the present. With the help of such a toy, the child develops dexterity, accuracy, dexterity, coordination of movements, reaction speed and quick wits. During the game, the level

How to choose a high chair — expert opinion

[ad_1] Updated: 25.01.2021 17:01:27 High chairs make life much easier for moms. They not only simplify the process of feeding, but also allow you to keep the baby safe (play or flip through books) and

How to choose diapers for a baby

[ad_1] Updated: 25.01.2021 17:01:36 It is not enough to know the size of the diaper and its weight in order to choose the best “protection” for the baby. You also need to take into account

21335 LEGO Ideas Motorized Beacon

[ad_1] The first (unofficial) images of the new constructor have spread online 21335 LEGO Ideas Motorized Beacon, which plans to appear on store shelves in early September. Its most important feature is that the model