Surprise for fans of the Speed ​​Champion series

The latest innovations in the Speed ​​Champions series were released by the Danish company in March 2022. According to unofficial data, by the end of the summer, after almost a six-month break, Lego intends to offer motorists 2 very original constructors.

The main feature of the models and minifigures presented in them will be that for the first time in the history of Lego, prefabricated sets are produced under a “dual” license. These are the licenses of the manufacturer and copyright holders of the films, according to the plots of which the sets were developed.

First constructor 76911 LEGO Speed ​​Champions 007: Aston Martin DB5 allows you to assemble a car and a miniature figure of James Bond – the hero of the cult series about agent 007. It is the minifigures that should be the highlight of the expected prefabricated kits. Based on information leaks that have hit social networks, you can briefly read the description of the minifigure. The appearance, facial features and hairstyle of the toy James Bond strongly resembles the film actor Daniel Craig, the last performer of the role of the main character. He is presented in a black tuxedo and a white shirt with a bow tie.

The miniature figure in the second set will be in the same format. 76912 LEGO Speed ​​Champions 1970 Fast and Furious Dodge Charger R/T. It is assumed that it is based on the external data of the artist Vin Diesel, who embodied the image of Dominic Toretto in the famous movie Fast and the Furious.

For experienced Lego users, the opportunity to purchase updated versions of famous cars is unlikely to cause a big stir. If only because in the previous sets of the Technician series, larger models of these machines were presented. But the miniature characters included in the new construction sets are able to attract increased attention, especially among collectors of rare minifigures from the “world of cubes”.

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