Stuntmen sets were removed from sales in US stores


At the beginning of the month, we told you about new designers Legoproduced in the original line “Stuntmen”. The unique features of the novelty include completely new motorcycles equipped with clockwork motors. Thanks to this, they are able to do real aerial stunts, accelerating and breaking away from the jumps.

Sales of new designers started around the world from October 1. However, already in the middle of the month, two sets of the series were removed from store shelves in North and South America. Why have they been discontinued? The LEGO Group has made an official announcement.

The company was moved to this step by the discovery of a manufacturing defect in the products. It turned out that American buyers began to complain that when performing the tricks promised by the creators of the toy motorcycle wheels just break when landing stuntmen.

According to the manufacturer, such breakdowns are typical only for products sold on the American continents. From this, construction lovers concluded that it was a marriage in the details of the kits produced in a certain factory serving the American regions.

After the marriage is eliminated, sales of the designers removed from the sale are planned to be resumed.

Stuntman sets removed from US stores


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