Stranger Things set series to continue


2 years ago, the Lego company launched the production of line designers “Weird things”dedicated to the cult television series of the same name. One of the first releases was a large collector’s set 75810 LEGO Stranger Things Beyond with a model of an unusual inverted house (pictured). This fact itself showed that the Danish company for the first time dared to release sets based on the series, which, according to the plot, is clearly aimed at an older audience. But since then, minifigures from the “horror” category have appeared in the “world of cubes” not in the form of traditional zombies or ghosts, but completely new characters.

Over the years, the design of the Danish manufacturer has been criticized many times. It has been written more than once that it was initially doomed to failure, since it was designed specifically for adult design lovers, because the younger generation learns little from objects of the 80s of the last century. In the outgoing year, there were even reports that the series was completely “written off to the scrap”. But the other day, a certain The Leaker Brick Clicker announced on Instagram that in 2022 this line will be replenished with at least two designers dedicated to the fourth season of the popular television series.

The accuracy of the information is believed, although no details are given. The fact is that recently Lego has been paying increased attention to constructors for adults. And taking into account the development of the storyline of the series, the developers of the sets have ideas for creating new game locations.


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