Space themed Lego fan set

An amazingly colorful and meaningful model called “Moonstones” demonstrated the other day a thematic blog “The Brix Brothers”. This is the work of a construction fan named Julius von Brunk. The author of the project invites everyone to go on a space journey and attend the first concert on a lunar base.

The structure is a fragment of a large “concert hall” built on a rocky foundation. On the wall with curved pipes, hoses, a huge window in the form of a porthole, in which you can see the globe.

Live from Lunar Base One by a Lego fan

The biggest rock band this side of the world performs on stage with a giant screen and powerful speakers. Alpha Centauri Moonstones. All musicians and soloists are wearing multi-colored space suits, and the guitarists have them identical in color palette to musical instruments. The drum set attracts attention with neon green coloring.

Numerous spectators are also wearing spacesuits. They sing along and sway to their favorite tunes. It can be seen that longtime fans of the “Moonstones” have gathered here. Even 2 workers of the lunar station distinguished themselves, who are watching what is happening from a high platform, they resisted and arranged dances. Apparently, their shoes are on magnets, if they are not afraid to fall on the heads of the audience. Here’s a fun dance party staged right on the moon!

Live from Lunar Base One by a Lego fan

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