“Silent” return of mini-robots | LEGO news


In November last year, a small designer 40413 LEGO Mindstorms mini-robots literally flashed on the shelves of Lego stores. Then the participants of the campaign could become the owners of the set: it was received as a gift by buyers who, within a short period of time, purchased constructors for a total amount of more than 100 euros.

And now, after almost a year, the designer again appeared in the product range of the online store of the Danish company as a separate item. Appeared, I must say, somehow unusually “quietly” – no official announcements, no advertising. Western consumers assume that there are quite a lot of sets “littered” in LEGO warehouses 40413 LEGO Mindstorms Mini Robots. This assumption indirectly confirms the fact that the company store allows each customer to purchase it in small bulk – 5 pieces per person. And the cost of one set is 19.5 euros.

However, no matter what, robot fans have an additional chance to replenish their home collection with a rather interesting set. Assembly work with his characters guarantees a pleasant pastime. Both children and adults.

The set is a small copy of the innovative designer 51515 LEGO Robot Inventor. The only difference from the prototype is that here you do not have to assemble remotely controlled models and, accordingly, have programming knowledge.

All 5 prefabricated toys are built according to the good old technology and, when assembled, resemble their “electronic relatives” only in appearance. However, the models can be a fun play set for a child. Plus, they look very presentable, which means they will turn into an attractive decoration for a child’s room.


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