Sets of the Ninjago series will receive a dynamic image


Recently held official presentation designers of the popular series LEGO NINJAGO, which will appear on the shelves of toy stores in 2022. She attracted the attention of design fans not only with the novelties themselves. On it, the Danish company for the first time presented branded boxes in a new style.

Now the traditional images on both sides of Lego box sets are given a more dynamic look by combining regular high-quality photographs with cartoon-like hand-drawn illustrations. An interesting find of designers allows, as it were, to revive the depicted characters of the game set, showing their actions and abilities.

Also, this technique is a great way to demonstrate the speed characteristics of the vehicle models presented in the constructor. Among other things, such pictures give children the opportunity to visualize what scenario events can develop with the participation of characters and models included in the game set.

It remains unclear whether such an update in the design of branded boxes for all lines of sets or whether it will only remain the prerogative of the Ninjago constructor series.

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