Set with a steam locomotive in the competition of ideas for “Lego”


Models on the topic “Railway” still do not leave indifferent fans of the “world of cubes”. It would seem that there were plenty of such sets – both official from Lego and author’s from the participants of the open competition LEGO Ideas.

What else can you think of in any new version and how to interest users in a “hackneyed topic”?

As shown by the results of the voting of visitors to the “site of ideas” for the project “Pneumatic locomotive” – it is quite possible to surprise and please users. This is confirmed by the new model offered for review by the contestant under the nickname alfredboyer. Required points – 10,000 votes, to pass to the next stage, Alfred’s game set scored in 672 days.

What is the peculiarity and uniqueness of a pneumatic locomotive? The fact that the author managed to reproduce the work of a real steam locomotive with the help of Lego Technic parts and pneumatic elements. At least the model runs on compressed air from Lego pumps to keep the train running at two speeds. We repeat: only LEGO components were used in the recreation of the air pump drive. In this plan There are simply no analogues of the proposed toy. Therefore, this model has a chance to become the first locomotive to operate with compressed air and using only parts from a Danish manufacturer.

Along with this, the LEGO locomotive is able to imitate the classic sound of a whistle due to the built-in device in the structure. It is also important that 80 cm model as part of a pneumatic steam locomotive with a trailer for coal and a fragment of the railway, it is universal. The main toy can be easily attached to other train sets from the themed construction sets.

Brilliant steam locomotive presented to judges in LEGO Ideas competition

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