Set “Shelter of Foresters” will be released for 90 years “Lego”

In mid-June, another constructor will appear, timed to coincide with the anniversary of the Danish manufacturer. This is a set 40567 LEGO Knight Foresters’ Hideout, which will primarily interest collectors. By the way, the constructor is a reissue of the classic “knight’s” set under number 6054which was released in 1988.

The old set consisted of 201 parts, and the assembly model was a shelter in the form of a “tree house” with a blue roof, in which 2 foresters lived. As accessories it included:

  • target for training in archery,
  • a small storage barrel with pieces of found gold,
  • shields of forest dwellers with a deer coat of arms.

What exactly of all of the above will be recreated in the updated constructor is still unknown. It is only reported that this is the so-called quasi-version of the old set, which in itself speaks not of the exact, but of the edited version. Outwardly, the same elements are used, but more modern. For example, in the original, the leaves on the branches of the tree were angular, now they have a beautifully curved shape and a richer green color.

The elements of the house of the inhabitants of the forest have undergone a “lift” towards greater realism by adding “bricks”. Attentive construction fans have noticed the update to the minifigures – both foresters are wearing green trousers and tops with multi-colored sleeves. In general, the characters differ only in their heads, and even then in the fact that one of them had a long female braid falling out from under the headdress.

Constructor 40567 LEGO Knight Foresters’ Hideout will be distributed for free, since it is released as GWP, that is, as a gift with purchase. Those who purchase Lego products in the amount of at least 150 euros (8,830 rubles) will be able to become its owners.

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