Series “Technician” will be replenished with a new tractor model


We have already talked about some of the novelties of the Technic line, announced in the German Lego catalog for next year. But it turns out that the German version does not contain information about all the designers that will appear on the shelves of toy stores in 2022. For example, in a similar catalog released in Hungary, bloggers found a set not mentioned in the German edition 42136 LEGO John Deere Tractor 9620R 4WD. YouTuber RacingBrick shared information about the unexpected find with fans of the sets of the popular series in his special video.

In any case, the official announcement of the release of this tractor confirmed the rumors that circulated on the net a few months ago. From the details of the new designer, it will be possible to assemble a detailed model of “John Deere” of the so-called ninth modification, or John Deere 9620R 4WD.

The tractor will be a light green vehicle with a yellow trailer. In terms of functionality, it is assumed that it will have swivel rear wheels, and the cargo trailer is endowed with a “dump truck” mechanism. A distinctive feature of the Doge Deer is a high platform with a driver’s cabin on four huge wheels – in general terms, it strongly resembles our Russian K-700, or otherwise the Kirovets.

Kit 42136 LEGO John Deere Tractor 9620R 4WD will be released March 1, 2022. The cost of new items is within 29.99 euros (2490 rubles).


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