Series “Marvel” will replenish volume sets


Popular line of line constructors Lego Marvel may soon upgrade at once with three huge sets! At the same time, the cost of one of them will be about 500 dollars (58,040 rubles). The original source of this news was the Instagram user brick_clicker, who published a post with the relevant information. Commentators pay close attention to his version, remembering that the predictions he makes are usually justified.

LEGO 76215 – price $499.99

So, the author of the news claims that the most expensive in the history of the popular line will be the set under the article 76215 – price $499.99 (58040 rubles). However, he does not know what it is in terms of content. Suggests it could be either an Avengers Tower model or a Helicarrier. Although the latter option is doubtful among fans, since a similar toy was produced by Lego for $ 150 (17,412 rubles).

The second in terms of volume and cost should be the designer 76210 LEGO Marvel Hulkbuster.

76210 LEGO Marvel Hulkbuster

For the first time, Western bloggers started talking about this novelty back in November last year. Now there are additional features. In particular, the prefabricated kit includes about 2,500 building blocks and costs $299.99 (34,820 rubles). That is, the price will be significantly higher than what was previously predicted.

And the last set of trinity 76218 LEGO Marvel Holy of Holies, the first rumors about which began to spread on the network as early as last February. It is specified that the toy consists of 2708 parts, and the price is $209.99 (24370 rubles). In terms of content, it is based on Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

76218 LEGO Marvel Holy of Holies

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