Scene from the Hundred Years War with Lego minifigures

Hunter Erickson is one of those design aficionados who “world of cubes” prefer to engage in individual creativity. In this field, he achieved very impressive results. You can verify this by visiting his author’s blog, which presents unique models of the designer.

In his projects, Hunter pays a lot of attention to recreating historical scenes. For example, in this playful and educational set, the author invites history buffs to take a trip to the time of the Hundred Years War. Hunter Erickson reproduces an episode of the Battle of Poitiers, which took place in 1356 between the troops of France and England. She was one of many armed conflicts for possession of the French throne of the king. In the battle mentioned, the English troops were led by Edward, or the Black Prince, and the French by King John II.

The author of the project managed to perfectly portray the historical battle. The result is a picturesque picture with a background of sky and clouds, multi-colored hills, tall trees and a scene with a huge number of characters. The location is densely filled with miniature figures of warriors who met on the battlefield in a deadly battle. Blue “tails” on combat helmets distinguish the French from the British.

Above the army is the flag of St. George, which flutters in the hands of the rider. Most likely, it symbolizes the victory of the English army in this battle, although it was half the size of the enemy. A few years later, England renounced its claim to the French throne. However, after only 10 years, the Hundred Years War resumed again.

This set proves once again that building toys are very exciting and useful. During assembly and play, you can convey a lot of cognitive information to the child.

A visual episode of the Hundred Years War from a Lego fan

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