Sales of Lego sets soar in 2021


Danish manufacturer summed up the results of the work and published data on financial results for the last year. They are more than successful.

Yes, consumer sales growth by 22% compared to 2020 figures. The company increased: total revenue by 27% (£6.2bn), operating by 32% (£1.9bn) and net profit of £1.5bn. The LEGO Group achieved double-digit growth of in all its markets, outperforming most competitors in the toy industry and despite rising costs for transportation and raw materials.

“The strong financial performance allows us to further accelerate our strategic investments to help reach more children in the long term,” predicted Niels B. Christiansen, CEO of The LEGO Group.

The report indicates that the top-selling building sets in 2021 were CITY, Technic, Creator Expert, Harry Potter and Star Wars. It is noted that such success was achieved thanks to a rather impressive portfolio of various offers offered by the Danes to the toy market. Among them, sets for the 18+ category stand out, which are addressed to adult consumers of Lego toys.

The high financial result has become a kind of gift for the 90th anniversary, which the Danish company is celebrating this year. It provides an opportunity to make significant investments in creating a solid financial foundation for the further development of production.


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