Roller coaster crash in Legoland

More recently, an accident occurred in the German “Legoland” in the city of Günzburg. So far, the causes of the accident are unknown, but this is what happened – 2 slides ended up at the same time at the end of the route and collided. As a result of this incident, 31 visitors to the amusement park were injured. According to local media reports, 15 wounded were in the hospital, one in serious condition.

The Fire Dragon ride is one of the classic rollercoasters used in many Legolands around the world. In general, the design is a train following the territory of a medieval castle of knightly times. First, the passengers of the trailers find themselves inside a makeshift castle with a kitchen and a torture chamber. Then the train, at a speed of 8 meters per second, or 29 kilometers per hour, rushes past the dragon and enters an open area consisting of several sharp turns. At the end of the journey, there is a sharp deceleration at the “station” where the train was boarded.

It was on the site in front of the station that the accident happened. Due to unknown circumstances, before the last descent, the train in front completely braked, and the second “ran into” it from behind. In the image below, the red arrow indicates the approximate location of the collision.

The launch of the second train is due to the huge popularity of roller coasters during the summer holidays. Therefore, the organizers are trying in this way to satisfy the needs of the majority of visitors to the amusement park. However, the incident may force the owners of the Fire Dragon to refuse to launch a second train for safety reasons.

Among the three dozen victims, there are ten children – they received bruises and injuries. Fortunately, none of the train passengers after the collision fell out of the cars when they hovered on top. To remove them from a height of five meters had to use the high-altitude rescue service, as well as several ambulances and three rescue helicopters.

Accident occurred on the Fire Dragon rollercoaster in LEGOLAND Günzburg

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