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Everyone has experienced such a delicate problem as constipation, and this is the most common violation of the digestive tract. The causes of constipation are many (both medical and social). Temporary constipation can occur against the background of stress, some kind of disease, a certain lifestyle, in violation of the diet, while traveling, while taking certain drugs.

Modern pharmacies offer a wide range of laxatives. Such medicines are also relevant for constipation in children, in the elderly and before various operations. When buying such drugs, the following factors should be considered:

  • Type of. Osmotic relieve constipation with the help of fluid accumulation in the intestines, thereby softening the masses. Irritant drugs stimulate peristalsis, affecting the intestinal mucosa. The last type — prebiotics have the mildest and most gentle effect, optimize the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Compound. Give preference to products with harmless components (sodium salts, glycerin, etc.). Plant-based preparations have the safest effect. The presence of contraindications and side effects depends on the composition.
  • Exposure time. In different situations, different drugs will be suitable. For example, if you are at home and can wait for the medicine to work, then choose osmotic drugs. In other cases, emergency medications (eg, irritants), etc., will do.

The best laxative for children


Glycerin laxative

The drug softens the feces and activates the intestines, facilitating the process of defecation. The manufacturer claims the fast action of the candles: the effect occurs in 5-10 minutes.

It is undesirable to use glycerin suppositories for more than a week, as they can be addictive. If the symptoms of constipation do not go away for a long time, you should consult a doctor for a treatment correction.

It is allowed to store a laxative at room temperature, but not higher than 25 ° C.

Phytocandles №14 «Laxatives»

Phytocandles №14 «Laxatives»

It is a mild laxative, so they can be a good help to solve the problem of constipation in children. They are not addictive and do not disturb the intestinal microflora. The composition of the candles includes additional components. Cocoa butter has protective properties against infections, propolis is known for its antimicrobial activity, and the essential oils of lemon, marjoram and eucalyptus help reduce gas and pain.

The course is 10 days, then you should take a break of 5-7 days, repeat if necessary. To keep the suppositories firm, keep them at 3-5°C.


Microlax laxative

The most popular laxative drug for children is Microlax. Its active ingredients — sodium salts and glycerol — gently affect the intestines. The tool promotes the accumulation of fluid and liquefaction of feces, which as a result facilitates defecation. The main feature of Microlax is its fast action. The drug is quite simple to use — it is placed in a special package with a narrow long tip.

It belongs to the osmotic type of drugs, therefore it has an instant effect within 5-15 minutes. Indicated for use from birth. Available in different dosages for children and adults. Advantages: fast action, effective bowel cleansing, does not bring discomfort to babies, harmless composition, approved for use from birth, convenient release form. No deficiencies found.

The best herbal laxative


Mukofalk laxative

«Mukofalk» from the German company Dr. Falk Pharma is a natural laxative that is able to retain fluid in the intestines, which contributes to the swelling of the stool and stimulates the process of physiological cleansing. It is available as a powder with a pleasant citrus aroma, which should be dissolved in a glass of warm water and consumed in small sips. Depending on the severity of the condition, during the day you can take from 2 to 6 sachets weighing 20 g each. The minimum interval between doses should be 30 minutes. up to 1 hour.

The active ingredient of the product is processed psyllium oval seeds. Due to its safe composition, Mucofalk is approved for the treatment of constipation in pregnant and lactating women. To achieve the best effect, during therapy it is necessary to drink at least 1.5 liters of pure water per day. According to reviews, the medicine acts quite delicately, does not cause feelings of dependence and discomfort. Some users noted the development of allergic reactions, but this nuance is most likely associated with individual intolerance to the components of the biological product, which indicates its subjective nature.


Phytolax laxative

Another effective laxative based on natural ingredients are Phytolax tablets. They affect intestinal motility and cause bowel movements 4-12 hours after ingestion. In addition to laxative, they have anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effects. Available in the form of chewable tablets with a pleasant sweetish taste. It is necessary to consume 1-2 pieces during meals. For maximum effect, the manufacturer recommends continuing to take the drug for up to 4 days.

The active ingredients are apricot, plantain, senna leaves, dill fruits, fiber, etc. They have practically no contraindications and side effects. Tablets do not need to be washed down, so they can be used even on the road. Pros: high efficiency, excellent composition, convenient application, pleasant taste, useful herbal ingredients, good reviews. The disadvantages include the presence of sugar in the composition.


RectActive laxative

Rektaktiv herbal laxative based on horse chestnut seed extract is produced in the form of rectal suppositories and is distinguished by the fastest action among all rating participants. When injected into the anus, the drug irritates the rectal mucosa, thereby activating peristalsis and causing bowel cleansing. Defecation occurs within 5-7 minutes. The drug has a very high efficiency — as a rule, doctors prescribe no more than 1 suppository per day. The maximum daily dose for adult patients is 300 mg.

Treatment with Rektaktiv can be carried out in a course of up to one month. Contraindications for use are the state of pregnancy and lactation, intestinal obstruction, acute attack of hemorrhoids, as well as hypersensitivity to the components of the composition. On sale you can find two dosage options — 50 and 100 mg each. Candles are packaged in cellular packaging traditional for this type of medicine, they are small in size and, according to customer reviews, do not melt in the hands, which significantly increases the hygiene of the procedure. In one box — from 5 to 10 pcs.

Best prebiotic laxative


Duphalac laxative

«Duphalac» is a laxative prebiotic. The active ingredient here is lactulose. This substance becomes an irritant to colonic receptors, attracts fluid to the intestines and promotes bowel movements. It is presented in the form of a syrup with a pleasant taste. One pack contains 10 sachets of 15 ml liquid. The average dose per dose for an adult is 40 ml.

The drug stimulates intestinal peristalsis and causes changes in the consistency of the stool. Due to the composition, the product can be used during pregnancy, as well as in childhood. It is recommended for many diseases, including hemorrhoids, hepatic coma, etc. The advantages include high quality, fast action, efficiency, the absence of a large number of contraindications. Cons: fast consumption, overdose is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms.


Normase laxative

Means «Normaze» of Italian production contains the main active ingredient — lactulose. It increases the pressure in the intestines and causes fluid to accumulate in its lumen, thereby leading to softening of the stool. Recommended for use in chronic and acute constipation. Produced in the form of syrup in bottles of 200 ml. One package is enough for a long time. For convenience, a measuring cup is included.

The active substance increases the number of lactobacilli in the intestine and increases acidity. Depending on the individual characteristics of the patient, the action occurs quickly or after 24-48 hours. Approved for use by young children. Main advantages: high efficiency, good reviews, gentle effect, destroys harmful intestinal microflora, slow consumption. Disadvantages: contraindicated in people with diabetes.


Exportal laxative

The main active ingredient of the popular Russian drug Exportal is lactitol, a hydrocarbon alcohol synthesized from milk sugar. Laxatives based on it are considered one of the best and are often prescribed by gastroenterologists to normalize stools, as they have long proven their effectiveness. They are characterized by a mild effect, a high level of safety and the absence of significant negative reactions, therefore they can be used to treat all categories of patients — from children to the elderly.

The drug is available in the form of a water-soluble powder. It has a neutral taste and smell. It does not affect blood sugar levels, so it is approved for use by diabetics of the 1st and 2nd type. The remedy should be taken once during a meal, after mixing it with water or other liquids (juice, tea or coffee is also suitable). Judging by the reviews, Exportal copes well with the problem of constipation. In their comments, users highlight the convenient regimen, the absence of discomfort in the intestines and the excellent result, which persists for a long time after the end of the course.

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