Review of the best children’s ATVs


Most children spend their free time playing games on their phones or computers. To get their kids off the screen and encourage them to play outdoors, some parents buy a kids quad bike. Such a toy not only allows you to have fun, but also develops confidence and responsibility.

The assessment was formed under the influence of the technical characteristics declared by the manufacturer and feedback from owners who have real experience in operating the ATVs included in the top.

The best children’s electric quad bikes

MOTAX ATV Mini Grizlik X-16

MOTAX ATV Mini Grizlik X-16 ATV

MOTAX ATV Mini Grizlik X-16 is designed for a child over 6 years old, it is capable of speeds up to 35 km / h, while a parental control panel is provided for greater safety. With it, you can select one of the three available speed limit modes or urgently disable the ATV and stop the movement. To fully charge the battery, which drives the most powerful (1000 W) motor, just five hours are enough. The accumulated energy is enough to cover a distance (depending on road conditions) of the order of 30 km.

This model is equipped with a soft comfortable chair, LED headlights (dipped beam and high beam), two large trunks, a horn. Good cross-country ability of the MOTAX ATV Mini Grizlik X-16 is guaranteed by rubberized wheels with off-road tread. The products of this brand are reliable and will provide the child with a lot of positive emotions for a long time.

Dongma ATV Brushless DMD-278A

Dongma ATV Brushless DMD-278A quad bike

The Dongma ATV Brushless double children’s ATV, designed for pilots under the age of 8, is very similar to the real vehicle and demonstrates good cross-country ability. Despite the fact that this model can reach speeds of up to 15 km / h, it is absolutely safe for the child. The ATV is very maneuverable, it is easy to control, has a reverse, and a sports tread on massive rubber wheels provides good grip.

Even driving on moderate off-road will be very comfortable thanks to the excellent work of shock absorbers and independent linkage suspension. Batteries with a capacity of 10 Ah provide power to powerful engines for two hours, after which they should be charged. Support MP3 playback, luminous headlights will give your child a lot of fun.

Farfello A22

Farfello A22 quad bike

The model of the Polish brand Farfello A22, made of high-quality plastic, is popular with young riders from 3 to 8 years old, who can easily handle the controls. Walking in the park or in the yard on this vehicle is absolutely safe due to the presence of wide wheels. They provide good grip and easily overcome small obstacles, while the maximum speed does not exceed 5 km / h.

This model is equipped with two electric motors that operate on a 12 V battery. An additional function provided in the ATV for children is the presence of a horn with musical accompaniment. In addition, Farfello A22 stands out for its high reliability, and compared to other top 5 participants, it belongs to an inexpensive price category.

Chien Ti Beach Racer CT-558

Chien Ti Beach Racer CT-558 quad bike

The Chien Ti Beach Racer Large Electric ATV for Kids has better off-road capabilities, so it can easily move on grass, gravel, sand, and also overcome small hills. The control is carried out using one pedal, pressing which sets the vehicle in motion, and to stop it, you just need to release it. This ATV provides the ability to switch speeds, on the first one it will go no more than 5 km / h, and on the second – 7 km / h. There is also a reverse function – in this case, the speed is limited to 3 km / h.

The model is designed for a child aged 3-9 years and can withstand a load of up to 50 kg, and thanks to the large comfortable seat, two people can be accommodated at once. To look like a real vehicle, the Racer CT-558 children’s ATV has a simulated fuel tank, ignition switch and rear-view mirrors.

The Best Gasoline Engine Kids ATVs

Avantis Hunter 7 Lite

Avantis Hunter 7 Lite quad bike

A distinctive feature of the children’s ATV Avantis Hunter 7 Lite is its single-cylinder four-stroke engine with a power of 10 hp. This power unit is capable of speeds up to 60 km / h with a load capacity of 150 kg. These characteristics have become the reason for the model to enter the top of our rating among gasoline ATVs for children. All-terrain seven-inch tires allow you to use this vehicle in areas with different traffic and at any time of the year. The material from which the wheels are made does not allow them to “chill” in frost, and the manufacturer also provides for the design of anti-slip chains.

The presence of a front independent suspension with two shock absorbers makes the control easier and the ride comfortable. For good engine performance, it is necessary to use fuel not lower than A92 grade. This model has three speeds, with automatic switching, and reverse. The Avantis Hunter 7 Lite comes with useful items such as a remote parental control and an hour meter.

Motax GEKKON 70cc

Motax GEKKON 70cc quad bike

The Motax GEKKON 70cc petrol transport for children attracts the attention of young racers due to its modern design and excellent technical characteristics. Despite its rather compact size, the model of this brand is equipped with a powerful engine (4.8 hp), capable of speeds up to 45 km/h. The automatic transmission with reverse is designed to drive a child, so it will not cause difficulties for the youngest drivers.

To ensure safety and direct control, parents can use a special key fob, with which they will control the children’s ATV from a distance of up to 100 m. Depending on the situation, you can completely turn off the engine, limit the permissible speed or turn on the alarm.


ATV ATV H4 Mini quad bike

The children’s ATV H4 Mini, running on AI-92 gasoline, has a speed of up to 45 km / h, and can be considered the first real vehicle. For the safety of the young driver, this model provides an emergency check, it is also possible at the initial stage to limit the speed of movement until the child is more confident in driving. Riding comfort is provided by good shock absorbers and disc brakes, which guarantee smooth deceleration and stopping.

Despite its compact overall dimensions, the ATV H4 Mini ATV for children can withstand a load of up to 95 kg. The powerful motor is driven by an inertial starter – the young driver will be able to start the engine on his own. It is easy to drive this transport thanks to the rear-wheel drive and the steering mechanism designed for the child. Despite all the safety measures taken, children must be provided with protective equipment while riding an ATV.


YACOTA 50 quad bike

A relatively inexpensive ATV for children is equipped with a 3.5-liter gasoline power plant. With. The presence of an electric starter and automatic transmission allows the pilot to independently perform all the necessary actions to ride the YACOTA 50 without the direct participation of parents. Their peace of mind will be provided by a speed limiter, which will allow the child to gradually master the control of this vehicle.

Link suspension and shock absorbers provide comfort while driving. Thanks to rubber wheels with lugs, the children’s ATV demonstrates excellent flotation in difficult areas. Motorcycle control, powerful headlights and a front bumper will allow the child to feel like a real driver and instill a sense of responsibility for their actions.

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