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It is hard to imagine a real childhood without a swing. Today you can swing on them not only on the street, but also in your own apartment.

Doctors recommend buy a swing for the development of the children’s vestibular apparatus.

Even 15 minutes of daily skiing improves coordination of movements, strengthens the muscles of the back and abdomen, and forms posture.

Features of children’s floor swing: what to look for?

Positive emotions of the child and peace of mind of parents are possible only with the purchase of a high-quality and durable construction.

Children’s swing must meet a number of requirements:

  • The most reliable frame is metal (completely from hollow pipes).
    Some manufacturers combine metal with wood or plastic to improve the appearance.
    However, such a product cannot boast of durability.
  • Required condition — locks against involuntary folding and the presence of suction cups that prevent slipping.
  • Seat with the ability to change the position of the back guarantees maximum comfort.
    For very young children, point seat belts are required.
    Among the additional equipment of the seat are tables, fasteners for toys, a music panel.
  • In the presence of plastic inserts, the presence of a toxic odor is not permissible.
  • Responsible manufacturers make Seat upholstery made from eco-friendly fabrics.
    For ease of cleaning, it is desirable that it be removed.
  • Ease of carrying important if the family often goes out into nature, rests in the country or with their grandmother in the village.

Overview of popular models

Outdoor children’s swings for the home are produced by several manufacturers.

GLOBEX Swing «Veterok-Lux»

The basis of the model is a lightweight metal frame. The fastening mechanism is simple and reliable. Folds up easily.

The seat and back are upholstered with foam rubber and soft material.

The inclination of a back is regulated in two provisions: it is possible to select suitable options to children of different age.

The swing is placed anywhere: in the yard, apartment or house. When folded, they take up minimal space.

For little fidgets, the manufacturer has provided a soft bumper with a jumper on the button. Plastic foot pads protect floors from scratches.

The anti-folding safety bar guarantees absolute safety.


  • weight: 3.8 kg;
  • age group: 6 months to 2 years;
  • fabric upholstery design: in assortment;
  • maximum load: 15 kg;
  • dimensions: (WxDxH): 65 x 89 x 107 cm.


  • increased seating (it looks more like a deck chair);
  • affordable price tag;
  • a horizontal position is provided;
  • easy assembly;
  • comfortable and soft seat belts.


  • you need to hold it with strong rocking (and when using it on the street, put a load on it);
  • the protective rail does not recline;
  • to change the position of the back, you will first have to pull the baby out of the swing.

Polini Outdoor swing «Mickey Mouse»

They have a solid construction. All soft components (back, covers) are made of natural fabrics.

The soft filler provides comfortable operation and safety.

There is a crossbar and additional straps that hold the crumbs inside. The supports do not slip, and the swing itself is easy to fold and store.

Anti-slip pads are provided. The model will harmoniously fit into any interior.

Mickey will be recognized by all the kids: it’s a win-win. Suitable for placement not only at home, but also on the street. An additional advantage is the adjustable backrest.


  • weight: 6.8 kg;
  • maximum load: 15 kg;
  • dimensions: 101.5×73.5×110;
  • the set includes non-slip pads on the legs, a divider and a restrictive handrail;
  • three-point seat belts.


  • nice colors and embroidery with your favorite character;
  • the ability to remove and wash the cover;
  • compact build;
  • quality fabric and stitching.


  • some buyers note that books were put down so that the structure would not stagger;
  • short back;
  • no height adjustment.

GLOBEX Swing «Veterok»

Sturdy construction in pleasant colours.

The swing folds compactly, so it is convenient for storage and transportation. They have a strong metal frame.

The model is resistant to negative environmental influences. The color stays bright even in the sun.

The fastening mechanism is absolutely simple and reliable. Suitable for placement anywhere: in the apartment, in the country, outdoor recreation.

Manufacturers strictly monitor the supply of materials: they are all environmentally friendly and have the appropriate certificates. The wide restraint strap guarantees protection against slipping down.


  • total maximum load: 15 kg;
  • dimensions: 91x65x107 cm;
  • weight: 5.2 kg;
  • recommended for children from 6 months to 2 years;
  • anti-toxic coating.


  • mint and pleasant to the touch upholstery;
  • bumper with leg divider;
  • restrictive armrests for safety;
  • plastic corners so that the swing does not slip;
  • simple fastening system.


  • close to the wall (the child sticks out the handles, quite a crumb can hit his head).

«Fairy» Swing «Baby»

The folding mechanism «book» allows you to store the swing at home.

Steel frame. Of the protective devices, a seat belt, a swing lock, and a restrictive handrail are provided.

Seat made of water-repellent fabric is easy to wash.

Due to the presence of an awning, they are suitable for use in nature: direct sunlight will not fall on the child.

Designed for entertainment and development of the vestibular apparatus of babies.

The non-slip feet keep the swing stable even on the ground. The color of the model is blue. The cover is removed. An additional wide belt (in addition to the main two-point one), attached to the fence, prevents slipping.


  • dimensions: 110.0 x 76 x 95.0 cm;
  • weight: 6.8 kg;
  • maximum operating weight: up to 15 kg;
  • folding seat with backrest;
  • removable cover and soft slips.


  • strong metal;
  • non-synthetic seat material;
  • compactness;
  • ease of assembly;
  • provided with a seat belt.


  • unstable during swing;
  • not suitable for use on bare floors;
  • seat not properly secured.

Garden Story Baby Swing UL250

The folding design allows you to quickly disassemble the swing or carry it outside.

Soft padding and a protective front bumper make it possible to securely seat the child.

The leg divider will not allow you to slide down. Reliability is guaranteed by a metal frame (metal pipe with a diameter of 16 mm).

Seat material: foam rubber and chintz. The cape can be removed and washed in the machine.

The use of a swing allows you to strengthen the vestibular apparatus, to release the accumulated energy. For stability, plastic limiters on the legs are provided.


  • minimum age: 1.5 years;
  • maximum load: 50 kg;
  • features: limiting ledge, support;
  • dimensions: 700 x 870 x 114 cm;
  • color: multicolor.


  • easy to wash;
  • the design does not get wet;
  • bright coloring;
  • acceptable price;
  • ease of assembly.


  • short cables included;
  • the child will not be able to swing without the help of an adult.


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