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Moving around the city with a baby is much more convenient with the help of a stroller.. The design has enough advantages, including versatility, compactness and ergonomics — you just need to choose the right model.

The best option for long walks with a child can be found in the line of the South Korean brand Capella — a true leader in the Asian market for quality goods for children.

How to choose a stroller from the Capella brand?

Strollers from Capella impress with their functionality, quality workmanship and eye-catching design. In addition, models from the South Korean company have many interesting features that are worth paying attention to.

When choosing a stroller, experts recommend considering:

  • wheel type — Wheels made of rubber or polyurethane are considered the best.
    Models with plastic wheels are noisy;
  • fastening system — devices from the Asian brand are complemented by five-point harnesses.
    They perfectly fix the baby, without causing discomfort;
  • adjustment system — for the convenience of the baby, it is better to purchase a model with the ability to independently adjust the back and footrest;
  • wheelchair dimensions and weight — it will be much more difficult to cope with a heavy structure.
    It is worth giving preference to a compact model with low weight;
  • accessories — complete with a stroller, a mosquito net, a dense rain cover and a capacious bag can go.
    There may also be a grocery basket.

Popular Models

An overview of popular models from the Capella brand will help you choose the right stroller — the developer has created a line of excellent devices that will appeal to both the baby and his parents.

Capella S-803WF Siberia, blue

A stroller that combines the best features of the new models.

The design has four stable wheels: the front ones are made of durable foam rubber and can rotate 360 ​​degrees, and the inflatable rear wheels are large — their diameter is 30 cm.

For convenience of parents the ergonomic cross over handle is provided. The shock absorption system in this model is spring.

If necessary, the user can reinstall the block with his face or back in the direction of travel. It will be possible to use a reliable and practical design for up to three years of the baby.


  • number of support points — 4;
  • fastening system — five-point belts;
  • backrest adjustment — yes;
  • front / rear wheel diameter — 24 cm / 30 cm;
  • frame — aluminum;
  • unfolded dimensions (LxWxH) — 97x60x105 cm.


  • durable frame and high quality fabrics;
  • all-season model;
  • convenient one-hand operation;
  • wheels of optimal size;
  • Easily adjustable backrest.


  • it will not be superfluous to study the user manual;
  • over time, some elements may begin to creak;
  • the comfort of a child in winter overalls.

Capella S-230, gray

A very nice model, equipped with a convenient flip handle — with its help, you can easily change the direction of the position of the walking block, setting it against or in the direction of travel.

Powerful swivel wheels make the stroller more manoeuvrable. High strength and lightness are ensured by the frame made of aluminum.

The book folding mechanism is a durable option with which there will be no particular difficulties during operation.

The walking block is wide enough, so the baby will be comfortable in it even in warm clothes. The backrest is adjustable in three positions.


  • number of support points — 4;
  • fastening system — five-point belts;
  • backrest adjustment — yes;
  • front / rear wheel diameter — 15 cm / 21 cm;
  • frame — aluminum;
  • unfolded dimensions (LxWxH) — 77.2x47x97 cm.


  • a well-thought-out mounting system has been implemented;
  • useful accessories in the set;
  • the design withstands increased loads;
  • upholstery made of premium quality materials;
  • attractive design.


  • on rough roads, the wheels may make noise;
  • the price is a little high;
  • additional functionality is scarce.

Capella S-250, multicolor

A classic model with a large, easily adjustable hood, flip-over handle and front swivel wheels that are not afraid of serious obstacles and serve faithfully for many years.

The model has a simple book folding mechanism, spring depreciation, as well as five-point safety straps — you no longer have to worry about the baby on the road.

For additional reliability, the manufacturer equipped the design with a detachable bumper.

In addition to the walking block in the set, the buyer will find a capacious shopping basket, a cape for the baby’s legs and a small but very comfortable mattress.


  • number of support points — 4;
  • fastening system — five-point belts;
  • backrest adjustment — yes;
  • front / rear wheel diameter — 12 cm / 13 cm;
  • frame — aluminum;
  • unfolded dimensions (LxWxH) — 85x53x105.5 cm.


  • enlarged bed;
  • the ability to quickly expand the stroller;
  • smooth adjustment;
  • spring damping system;
  • relatively small weight of the device.


  • decoration for an amateur;
  • the cost of replacing structural elements;
  • standard equipment.

Capella S-803WF Siberia (2019), light gray

A laconic model in a new design, with large inflatable wheels with a locking option and five-point seat belts that guarantee a high degree of protection on the road.

The stroller has a book folding system and a high performance sun visor.

The backrest is adjustable in four positions. The footrest is easily adjustable in height — the user can choose the most suitable option on his own.

Seat belts are complemented by ultra-soft pads — the delicate skin of the baby will remain in excellent condition.


  • number of support points — 4;
  • fastening system — five-point belts;
  • backrest adjustment — yes;
  • front / rear wheel diameter — 15 cm / 24 cm;
  • frame — aluminum;
  • unfolded dimensions (LxWxH) — 89x58x105 cm.


  • highly effective weather protection;
  • democratic price;
  • excellent cushioning system;
  • structural stability;
  • convenient switching of clamps.


  • there is a smell of plastic;
  • you should first study the manual;
  • basic equipment.

Capella S-203, brown

An advanced stroller with fixed rear wheels and a reversible handlebar that can be adjusted in height for the convenience of new parents.

The frame is made of aluminum, and the fabrics used are hypoallergenic — they do not irritate the baby’s skin even on the hottest days.

The walking block can change position in the direction and against the movement.

Comfortable conditions of movement are guaranteed by a free bed.

All textile elements of the design can be easily removed for subsequent cleaning by hand or in a washing machine.


  • number of support points — 4;
  • fastening system — five-point belts;
  • backrest adjustment — yes;
  • front / rear wheel diameter — 13.5 cm / 13.5 cm;
  • frame — aluminum;
  • unfolded dimensions (LxWxH) — 84x48x102 cm.


  • movement on any roads without interference;
  • duration of the operating period;
  • good width of the chassis and berth;
  • silent wheels of optimal size;
  • perfect operation of the folding mechanism.


  • the fabric needs to be cleaned periodically;
  • it may be difficult to unfold the hood;
  • the cost of the model is slightly higher than analogues.


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