Reasons for not accepting Lego ideas in 2021


LEGO Ideas… The idea of ​​the Danish company to hold an annual idea competition among building fans and release new sets based on the projects that have been selected has earned recognition in itself. But it seems that the organizers did not even count on such activity of applicants. If at first 12-13 author’s projects were included in the annual review, then starting from 2019, their number is steadily going up. Therefore, everything has come to the point that now most of the proposed works are overboard and do not reach the final stage of the competition.

Last year, a kind of record was set: site visitors supported only 117 works of authorship, giving 10,000 votes set by the terms of the competition! However, today only 4 of them, namely “Starry Night”, “Motorized Lighthouse”, “Jazz Quartet” and “Office”, are supported by the experts of the Danish company and will be released as official Lego constructors.

Why has Lego rejected so many idea projects in 2021?

How to solve the problem? – this is a serious concern of the leaders of the LEGO Ideas project. Of course, an increase in the number of votes in support of the project from 10,000 to 100,000 immediately suggests itself. But the organizers are not considering this yet, as it will immediately reduce the number of participants in the competition. Although everyone understands that something will have to be changed in the system for selecting the best author’s works. Otherwise, the current situation can negatively affect the confidence of design fans and extinguish the general interest in the creative contest of ideas that was originally conceived.

Why has Lego rejected so many idea projects in 2021?


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