Real Madrid fans look forward to the stadium model kit in 2022


Real Madrid football fans are looking forward to a set with a stadium model of their favorite team in 2022

A message about the upcoming release by Lego of a constructor dedicated to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadiumappeared on Instagram. Most readers took this information very positively and as requiring special attention. They note the fact that such rumors that appeared earlier were indeed confirmed in the form of new products from the Danish manufacturer. You don’t have to look far for examples: 10284 LEGO┬« Creator Expert Camp Nou – FC Barcelona and 10272 LEGO┬« Creator Expert Old Trafford with Manchester United stadium mock-up are enough.

But this is far from the only intrigue. Along with the question: will it be – will it not, construction lovers have to guess what the prefabricated model will be like? After all, it is possible that Lego designers will take the old stadium as a basis, and maybe the new one. The fact is that since 2019, the Santiago Bernabeu stadium has been closed for the restructuring of some elements and updates in the external design. At the construction site, work is underway to install a closing roof, as well as to reconstruct the facade. The end of construction work was recently extended until mid-2023.

Many bloggers are inclined to believe that Lego designers are still working on a project for a renovated stadium.

LEGO Santiago Bernabeu Stadium



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