RC Car SUV Feiyue FY-10

RC Car SUV Feiyue FY-10


Today I survey the car on the remote control. I periodically order cars from China for my son, replenishing the collection of small hot wheels and powerful SUVs. The child is looking forward to the parcels addressed to him. And when I saw this time a huge packing box, I was happy. In the package was a cool waterproof jeep.


  • Brand: FEIYUE
  • Model: FY-10
  • Scale: 1:12
  • Motor type: Electric motor
  • Features: Radio control, backlight
  • Drive type: 4WD
  • Material: electronic components, metal, plastic
  • Remote control: 2.4GHz wireless remote control
  • Range: about 80m
  • Remote control battery: 3 x 1.5V AA (not included)
  • Battery: built-in 7.4V1500mAh rechargeable battery
  • Working time: 14~15 minutes
  • Charging time: 120 minutes
  • Protection: IP4
  • Product weight: 1.3kg

Packaging and equipment

The SUV was packed in a bright colorful cardboard box of huge size, which is quite consistent with its size and large control panel. The box is branded and is informative: device image, model, color, its components and, of course, a description of the functionality and technical characteristics. The jeep was located inside on a cardboard base and was firmly fixed.

The package additionally included:

  • Remote control
  • Power Supply
  • Screwdriver
  • Key
  • Instructions describing the detailed analysis of the car
RC Car SUV Feiyue FY-10
RC Car SUV Feiyue FY-10


The truck has impressive dimensions and weight. This is the first heavy SUV in our collection. Length 40cm, width 27cm. Weight – about 1.5 kg. The SUV has a sporty coloring with dominant orange. My son loves the color green and when he unpacked this package, he felt a little sad. The body is made of flexible plastic, attached to the track with pins.

RC Car SUV Feiyue FY-10

There is a plastic protection on the front, which comes with 2 open circuit LED spotlights.

RC Car SUV Feiyue FY-10

There is a plastic spoiler at the back.

RC Car SUV Feiyue FY-10

As for the base, the bottom of the machine is additionally protected by soft material, which is screwed to the plastic case with 6 screws.

RC Car SUV Feiyue FY-10

The frame is metal. Suspension is quite high, thanks to the huge wheels with a diameter of 10cm. The wheels have plastic discs, soft flexible rubber with a large tread. 2 pairs of wheels have a fairly large up / down travel, and the front ones are supplemented with a special mechanism for turning them left / right.

Shock absorbers have plastic springs of impressive size. Jeep all wheel drive.

RC Car SUV Feiyue FY-10
RC Car SUV Feiyue FY-10
RC Car SUV Feiyue FY-10
RC Car SUV Feiyue FY-10
RC Car SUV Feiyue FY-10
RC Car SUV Feiyue FY-10
RC Car SUV Feiyue FY-10
RC Car SUV Feiyue FY-10

In general, the machine is made soundly, there are no visible defects, glue, there is no unpleasant smell. Not counting the board with LEDs.

The remote control is pistol-shaped, has a convenient size and shape for the hand of both an adult and a baby. It is light enough, has a flat base for the possibility of setting it up. The case is made of black slippery plastic, I would like rubberized parts on the handle. The swivel wheel is also plastic, but it has a soft case. 2 indicator lights indicate the operating mode. The remote control is massive, but the control with its help is comfortable. Powered by 3 AA batteries (not included).

In work

Forward / backward (very soft) is carried out by pressing the “trigger”, respectively, towards yourself / away from you. And turning the wheels is done with the steering wheel located on the right side of the remote control. proportional control. The remote control is quite sensitive: the child can take short “steps” with the machine and start the jeep at a slow speed. In addition, it has a trimmer, which is responsible for the angle of rotation of the wheels. The frequency at which the remote control operates is 2.4 GHz. The distance at which the devices are in contact is approximately 50m.

You ask, what is special about the operation of this machine? In short, it is like this: very smart, very maneuverable, not noisy, obedient. Off-road, such as uneven forest roads with fallen leaves, mounds, hills, city curbs, and obstacles encountered, such as other nimble SUVs, are not a hindrance to him. Even a 4-year-old son figured out the control of this device. The pistol trigger has a soft stroke, and when you gently press it, the jeep accelerates smoothly as well. For lovers of a sharp start, this jeep is also suitable.

The manufacturer talks about the moisture protection of the car according to the IP4 standard, which means that light rain and small puddles are not a hindrance to this jeep.

This one from the collection is the most nimble and tenacious, but the new FY-10 is not inferior to it

RC Car SUV Feiyue FY-10
RC Car SUV Feiyue FY-10


A full charge of the battery is enough for 15 minutes of continuous rides at maximum speed with bumps, jumps and collisions. The device takes about 3 hours to charge. When fully charged, the indicator on the charger glows green. I was disappointed by the lack of a battery charge indicator on the car, but flashing headlights and slow movements will tell you about a dead battery. In order to charge the device, you have to remove the case – it’s easy, but inconvenient. In the end, just brought the charging port out. A hidden power button is also not attributed to the merits.


Both my son and I liked the car. Son more – because the new, obedient, powerful (he loves all sorts of accidents and collisions – and this one will not give himself offense), to me – because it is strong, heavy, maneuverable. Rearing her and jumping from high steps is a pleasure. It develops speed very quickly, but at the same time it can sneak up slowly and almost silently. Four-wheel drive, lighting, cool shock absorbers, additional body protection and moisture protection helped to form a positive opinion about the new SUV. A convenient remote control and easy controls that even a 4-year-old kid can handle make racing fun and fair. At first I was worried about the weight, after all, 1.5 kg. But then I realized that in vain – by the way, there were also dumbbells, recently bought for my son. Having pumped up his muscles, the son now pulls his SUV for a walk and from a walk himself.


  • Bright appearance, quality parts and assembly
  • Fast, agile, strong
  • Proportional R/C control
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Easy to manage
  • Long range
  • backlit
  • Waterproof IP4


  • autonomy
  • The power button is hidden, and you can’t just get to charging


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