Rating of the 10 best baby monitors: from budget to premium


Parents physically do not have the opportunity to constantly be close to the child, but he requires constant supervision. So that mom and dad can always control what the baby is doing now, and at the same time go about their business at home or nearby, video baby monitors have been developed. They provide a direct connection to children on the other side of the house. Good devices offer a high-quality picture, allow you to transmit an image via radio or Wi-Fi over long distances, and include additional useful functionality. Here are collected just such, the best baby monitors of all price classes: from inexpensive to premium segment.

Best Inexpensive Baby Monitors

Motorola MBP481

A simple video baby monitor from a well-known manufacturer of electronics for remote monitoring of a child. The model received a color LCD screen with a diagonal of 2 inches, which receives an image from the second module, where the camera is located. Among the distinguishing features: good picture quality, there is an infrared mode for night shooting, zoom mode. An important advantage of the model is that the coverage area reaches 300 m, and in case of going beyond its limits, an audible signal appears.

Characteristic Meaning
Screen Colored, 2″
Radius of action Up to 200-300 m


  • there is a digital zoom;
  • you can remotely turn on lullaby music;
  • two-way voice communication;
  • the night vision;
  • volume control.


  • not the best image quality;
  • The block with the camera works only from a network.

Reviews: “Inexpensive video baby monitor fully fulfills its cost. I see no reason to complain about the quality of the picture, buying one of the cheapest devices on the market, and no one will watch it instead of a TV. Works well and with minimal delay. You can see the baby very well.”

Maman VB603

A popular baby monitor from a trusted brand that comes with a 1 year warranty. At a modest cost, the model can properly broadcast the picture from the camera without lags and channel sagging. The only significant drawback is the visible delay, about 1-2 seconds. The image is displayed on the parent block. The device has received a good night mode, which allows you to see everything that happens in the room. The video baby monitor supports both continuous broadcasting of the picture, and its inclusion when the baby gives voice.

Characteristic Meaning
Screen Color, 3.2”
Radius of action up to 300 m


  • clear and crisp picture;
  • works well even in the dark;
  • easy to switch modes;
  • large screen;
  • can be bought inexpensively in retail stores and on the Internet.


  • Poor speaker quality
  • there is a significant delay in signal transmission.

Reviews: “In use for 1 week, while everyone likes it. I can lie quietly in the bathroom or cook food and at the same time monitor the crumbs. It’s cool that you can immediately find out the temperature in the room. Great product for the money.”

Luvion Easy

The rating is continued by the popular video baby monitor, which has been in demand among parents for many years. Increased demand is due to high-quality assembly, a durable case made of impact-resistant plastic, an affordable price and good image detail. For the listed advantages, you have to forgive the small screen of 2 inches. It can work at night with the help of the shooting mode in the dark, and also supports turning on by sound and displays the temperature in real time. Parents can connect 4 cameras at the same time and easily switch between them.

Characteristic Meaning
Screen Colored, 2″
Radius of action up to 250 m


  • easy to use;
  • compact dimensions;
  • reliable body;
  • loud speaker;
  • long power wires.


  • display quality is acceptable, but leaves much to be desired;
  • too light parent unit that moves under the weight of the power cable.

Reviews: “As for me, a baby monitor for this amount is just right. The design is modern, ergonomics does not suffer. It works as a day and night camera, the microphone is quite loud, but you need to listen if the device is more than 2 m away from the child.”

Angel Eye AE603

A more advanced baby monitor with a relatively large 3.2-inch screen and good brightness. A sound sensor is pre-installed here, which allows you to start the broadcast only when there is noise from the child. During sleep, the device saves energy. Additional features: playback of lullabies (8 built-in melodies), adjustable timer to signal the need for feeding. The video baby monitor works without the Internet, and also allows you to connect 4 auxiliary cameras. There is an IR illuminator that illuminates the room in the dark within a radius of 3-5 m.

Characteristic Meaning
Screen Color, 3.2”, 320×240 dots
Radius of action up to 250 m


  • built-in thermometer provides data on the temperature in the room;
  • good two-way voice communication;
  • night vision, in which the image is clear, as during the day;
  • screen turn-on mode at noise with sensitivity adjustment;
  • swivel mounting of the camera on the baby unit.


  • too bright diode on the camera, in the dark it interferes a little;
  • Sometimes there is no sound from the microphone.

Reviews: “Great baby monitor. An irreplaceable assistant. I advise!

Rating of the best baby monitors in the middle price category

Luvion Platinum 3

An upgraded version of the 2016 Luvion Easy baby monitor with new features and a larger 3.2-inch screen. The model received IR illumination, a secure channel for signal transmission without interference and the risk of interception. All menus are in Russian. Comes with a sound sensor that can be adjusted to 3 sensitivity modes. It provides voice two-way communication with the baby, there is a temperature sensor. A distinctive feature of the device is the use of one LED for IR illumination, usually 6 pieces are required to implement night vision.

Characteristic Meaning
Screen Color, 3.2”
Radius of action up to 250 m


  • uniform illumination in the dark at a distance of up to 5 m;
  • comes with a 750 mAh battery;
  • stable connection with minimal delays;
  • small dimensions;
  • loud microphones.


  • The camera does not have a battery.
  • small viewing angles on the screen.

Reviews: “I am delighted with the baby monitor, I bought it 2 years ago. It still works properly, the sound is of high quality, the image, although not FHD, but everything you need is visible in any light. Communication does not disappear through 2 floors and a garage. I recommend”.

Maman BM3200

Functional and high-quality video baby monitor with pre-installed lullaby melodies, good night mode and baby position tracking mode. The model supports voice-activated operation and 2-way communication for quick soothing of the child. Digital data transmission is stable indoors at a distance of up to 60 m, and in open space – up to 300 m. The parent unit includes a battery for operation for 3-4 hours without being connected to the power supply.

Characteristic Meaning
Screen Color, 2.8”
Radius of action up to 300 m


  • there is a digital zoom;
  • you can adjust the volume;
  • good video quality;
  • easy to manage;
  • long power cord;
  • The child is clearly visible even in the dark.


  • the screen is constantly working;
  • the signal may not pass through ceilings.

Reviews: “The golden mean in terms of price and functionality. Large screen, the child can be seen perfectly. The picture is quite distinct and clear. There are no complaints about the sound either, it is clear and can be adjusted to a suitable volume.

Beurer BY88 Smart

A modern video baby monitor with a connection to the phone, which allows you to fully monitor the baby from a long distance. Parents always hear and see what the child is doing now. The picture from the children’s module is transferred to the smartphone in a proprietary application. The body of the device is durable, even falling from a height of about 1 m. It can activate video recording in response to sound. In addition to good audio and picture quality, the device provides stable and fast signal transmission using 14 channels. There are 5 lullabies in the arsenal.

Characteristic Meaning
Screen Smartphone display
Radius of action up to 300 m


  • HD picture quality;
  • the free and well-designed Beurer CareCam app for iPhone and Android;
  • you can watch the video of the baby from any distance;
  • instant notification on smartphone;
  • begins to record video from the moment the child’s first movements;
  • digital zoom.


  • no battery, mains powered only;
  • bright LED.

Reviews: “An indispensable, must-have item for a home with a baby. I can’t imagine how I managed without her when I cared for my first child. ”

The best premium baby monitors

Ramili Baby RV1300

A device from an English company with a high-resolution picture and a durable housing. The video baby monitor is based on a 4.3-inch screen and a camera on a swivel mount. Preset anti-interference ensures clear picture and sound. The system reacts to movements by automatically turning towards the child to bring them into focus in the center of the screen. A capacious battery guarantees a long operating time without recharging (up to 20 hours in standby mode). Memory card support allows you to record and play your favorite music or your own voice.

Characteristic Meaning
Screen Color, 4.3”
Radius of action up to 300 m


  • automatic adjustment of picture and sound quality;
  • keeps in touch well;
  • batteries allow you to work autonomously for almost a day;
  • LED-lighting, night light on the baby unit with adjustable brightness;
  • strong body;
  • great functionality.


  • not a very good speaker on the parent unit, wheezing is heard;
  • mounts for a stroller or crib must be purchased separately.

Reviews: “We used to use a baby monitor, it’s just heaven and earth. There is an auto-tracking mode that automatically follows the child, although it sometimes takes the cat into focus. The picture is clear and the sound is satisfying. Signal reception range at the level.

Moonybaby 55935

Quality baby monitor with 5″ screen from iModesty, a popular company that develops high-tech baby care products. The model uses modern sound and video transmission systems that allow you to catch a signal at a distance of up to 300 m, as well as comfortably shoot even at night within a radius of up to 5 m. Supplied with a battery (enough for 4 hours of work with the active display). It features loud speakers and clear microphones.

Characteristic Meaning
Screen Colored, 5″
Radius of action up to 300 m


  • supports digital zoom;
  • retractable antenna improves the quality of signal reception;
  • you can use lullaby melodies (built-in 5 pieces);
  • there is a VOX function;
  • good picture with sound.


  • simple screen matrix with small viewing angles;
  • average quality plastic.

Reviews: “I liked everything, in any case, the quality is good for this money. The assembly is of high quality, all the necessary functions are there and work fine. The screen is clear and the sound is clear. There are no complaints.”

Samsung SEW-3053WP

Before us is a dual-mode baby monitor that works both via FHSS – a direct connection between modules up to 300 m, and via Wi-Fi. In the second case, you need an iOS or Android smartphone and a free app. The advantage of the method is the ability to monitor the child from anywhere, not only at home. The baby monitor features a rugged housing and stable, secure communications that work flawlessly. The large touch screen on the parent unit allows you to control and quickly respond to the actions of the child. You can also remotely control the direction of the camera.

Characteristic Meaning
Screen Colored, 5″
Radius of action up to 300 m


  • convenient to use via the Internet at any distance;
  • stably receives a signal at a distance of up to 100 m indoors when using the parent unit;
  • modern design;
  • high quality video;
  • Runs on battery for up to 5 hours continuously.


  • low volume;
  • there are no additional features of the mobile application.

Reviews: “Although not the cheapest device, but the quality is on the level. The picture is clear, the sound is clear, you can use it with a smartphone.”

How to choose a good baby monitor?

When choosing a great baby monitor, you should look at the following characteristics:

  • Signal reception range. In most models, the radius is about 300 m, but this is in open areas. Indoors, the distance is up to 50 m, more advanced devices catch at a distance of up to 100 m.
  • Camera mount type. The swivel joint will allow you to remotely or automatically rotate the camera in the desired direction.
  • Screen. The higher the resolution and diagonal, the better. However, the type of matrix also plays a role, but most manufacturers do not talk about it.
  • Video quality. The resolution of the video is very important, if it is high, it will be easier to see the child and his movements.
  • The night vision. In cheap devices, the IR sensor captures only 2 m, and in good ones – up to 5 m in radius.
  • Sensors. A noise sensor is desirable, at which the baby monitor automatically turns on. It will not be superfluous and a thermometer, a humidity sensor.
  • The quality of the microphone and speakers. In budget devices, squeaks, wheezing and other third-party noises are often found. In the best video baby monitors, the sound is quite clear.

All of the above video baby monitors can be called the best in their price categories. Inexpensive models do not differ in additional features and offer a lower video and screen resolution, but they cope with their tasks. Mid-rangers include more features and better video and audio quality. Premium baby monitors can work with a smartphone, have large screens and HD video resolutions.

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