Published photos of sets for Christmas for LEGO employees


The network has unique pictures with a Christmas set for employees of a Danish company Lego. Although these photos show only the front and back of the branded box.

As you know, the manufacturer of designers produces traditional New Year’s kits in limited quantities. Management Lego distributes them to all its employees, including employees of the LEGO brand stores, as well as representatives of officially recognized LEGO fan media and user groups.

In general, a rare gift exclusive of the Danish company “for its own” has already become the subject of heightened interest before it even appears. Literally all design fans dream of becoming its owners. But especially those who are passionate about collecting prefabricated toys. Therefore, it is not surprising that the demand for such novelties in the secondary market many times exceeds the supply.

The pictures show that the set number 4002022 will be dedicated to the LEGO Friends themed series. This is due to the fact that in 2022 the company celebrated not only its 90th anniversary, but also the 10th anniversary of this popular series. By the way, we already reported in the news that some time ago the series changed its name from “Girlfriends” to “Friends”. This was due to the fact that the cast of characters expanded to include boys in the game locations.

Starting next year, the series will be given a full reboot, introducing brand new characters. Thus, the Christmas set for Lego employees seems to sum up and finally close the old project of the thematic world “Girlfriends”, which, first of all, was intended for girls.

To the features of the friends constructor LEGO 4002022 it should be attributed that it consists of 1209 parts. According to this parameter, it is the second constructor among all Christmas gift sets for employees released to date.

However, commentators on the images on the packaging concluded that the novelty looks rather meager in terms of content. Indeed, the creators of the toy for some reason limited themselves to a model of a huge fireplace, standing on a black base with the inscription “10 years of friendship.” True, it is decorated with various toys, candies, a wreath, a New Year’s gift, as well as eight Christmas socks. The latest souvenirs clearly hint at eight new characters that will appear in the line next year. And that seems to be all.

The number of miniature figures upset the construction fans even more. Judging by the image on the front of the box, only one of the five original characters Friends is included in the package. But, it is quite possible that the commentators are mistaken. In any case, everyone is waiting for official information from representatives of the Lego company.

The first images of the Christmas set for Lego employees have appeared


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