Promotion of the company “Lego” for St. Valentine’s Day


On Valentine's Day, the Lego company is holding a promotion

Lego stores around the world a week before Valentine’s Day, a pre-holiday promotion is held. All construction fans who visited retail outlets on February 5-6 were treated to free postcards with images of thematic models created from cubes.

Well, the very first buyers were lucky enough to become owners of real models for free – the Danish company allocated a limited number of suitable constructors for the event. It is clear that among them was the latest romantic set 40522 LEGO Love Doves for Valentine’s Day. Recall that this design depicts a pair of charming doves – the world symbol of lovers. They sit on a branch that is decorated with pink hearts and flowers, and a large red heart rises above their heads. Also, a universal set was presented as a free souvenir. 40460 LEGO Rosessuitable for a gift not only on Valentine’s Day, but also on any other celebration.

The event did not end there. The second stage of the campaign will take place on the eve of St. Valentine’s Day – February 12-13. These days, every customer in the company stores of the Danish manufacturer of designers will be offered to assemble a heart from cubes in honor of the holiday of lovers.



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