Price increase for Lego sets will be at least 25%

On thematic sites, construction fans are vigorously discussing rumors of a price increase for sets. Lego from September 2022. The reason for this was the publication of the relevant statement of the company. Although the statement was distributed in a closed format via a local network, it became public knowledge. It is reported that the rise in price should affect more than 100 items of designers.

How does the manufacturer explain this step? The reason is the current global economic problems associated with an increase in raw materials and operating costs. It is argued that the company, for which the consumer remains the center of attention, has so far not imposed increased costs on customers, maintaining stable prices at their own expense. However, costs continue to rise rapidly, so Lego will be forced to raise prices for some products in August and September. The increase will average 25%. The largest percentage increase in cost awaits large and complex designers.

With such unpleasant news, the summer season began for most Lego fans. It turns out that the March “leveling of prices” throughout Europe was only the beginning of changes in pricing policy. Bloggers pay attention to the fact that mainly designers related to the standard and specialized range will rise in price. However, it is expected that prices will rise for the initially expensive exclusive sets. First of all, with the marking “18+”.

It would seem that against the backdrop of a widespread increase in prices for all goods due to rising energy costs, this news should have been taken more or less calmly. But it caused a backlash.

Commentators explain their dissatisfaction with two circumstances:

  • firstly, Lego compared to other industries during the covid decline in production, received record profits;
  • secondly, the company has already raised prices for its products in March.

Therefore, in their opinion, the company has the opportunity not to shift the costs onto the shoulders of consumers. And repeated price increases will turn LEGO sets into a luxury item that ordinary consumers will not be able to purchase.

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