Popular “Legoland” expands its boundaries


In the home of Lego designers in the town of Blillund, by all indications, preparatory work began for the 90th anniversary of the company. The holiday will be celebrated in August 2022. The approach of a special date in the history of LEGO is involuntarily reflected in all the undertakings of the Danish manufacturer.

Thus, the most noticeable transformations will take place in the Legoland recreation and entertainment park for construction enthusiasts. Here, work began to expand the services offered. First of all, by the 2022 season, the amusement park will be replenished with six new attractions. This means that exciting play complexes with more than 10 million new LEGO building blocks await visitors!

Guests will have the opportunity to assemble scale models of their choice or under the guidance of experienced Legoland staff. Among the six attractions to be opened there will be a gallery LEGOLAND. In principle, it will be similar to the gallery of LEGO House masterpieces, because here, too, ingenious assemblies of Lego fans are demonstrated.

The organizers expect that visitors to the rides will gain practical skills and create unique models. After all, the main idea of ​​​​updates is to provide guests with the opportunity to unleash their creative potential.

At Legoland, it will be possible to work on developing building skills in a special Creative Workshop, where training is provided by park employees. Moreover, regardless of the age of the visitor.

The youngest builders will not be forgotten either – DUPLO entertainment complexes will be available for kids at the Legoland Hotel.

The refurbished LEGOLAND Billund is scheduled to open on April 2, 2022.

Legoland is expanding its boundaries.


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