Pirate captain with an arsenal from a fan of LEGO

Is it good to be a pirate captain? The answer to this question is eloquently presented in the image of the leader of the sea robbers, created by the “brick” artist Max Davidson. Rich in precise details, the scene takes you to the cabin of the pirate captain.

For many years, such characters inspired fear and horror in the owners of merchant ships and residents of coastal cities. In the Middle Ages, sea pirates were a real disaster.

In the picture presented by the artist, first of all, attention is drawn to the owner of the cabin of a sea vessel. A very colorful figure of the captain rises above the whole environment around him.

This character will seem familiar from numerous “pirated” films and novels:

  • one-eyed,
  • with beard and mustache
  • with a hook instead of one arm and a wooden leg,
  • with the famous cocked hat on his head and cape on his shoulders
  • with a long saber in hand.

True, instead of “historical” earrings, he has a gold ring in his ears – but this is only a small author’s digression. The main thing is that the “brick” image of the sea wolf looks very realistic.

To match the figure of the captain and the objects surrounding him in a colorful composition. Most of them show loot and jewelry. The bookcase is crammed full of funny little things in the form of a bottle with a small boat inside, a golden globe, a decanter and books. The situation is complemented by two barrels. On one of them, in a golden saucer, there are jewelry, as well as a pen with an inkwell and writing paper – apparently, the pirate captain decided to write his memoirs. The second, smaller barrel lies on its side and drops of ale, the favorite drink of pirates, flow from its tap. As you can see, the bilge rat also does not refuse alcohol.

In general, it turned out just a great model! Max Davidson managed to build a truly living picture from the distant past out of cubes, which one wants to look at slowly, like paintings in museums or art galleries. And then, returning from the Middle Ages to reality, admire the great skill of the author. After all, the artist created this bright composition from standard materials. Lego.

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