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This adorable construction toy will be a great addition to your Christmas themed set collection. Its buyers will receive a lot of positive emotions, which are guaranteed both during the assembly work and after its completion. The result will please even experienced builders, which means that the festive mood is guaranteed!

For the authors of the collection project LEGO 10293 Santa’s Visit managed to recreate an amazing winter picture with the help of cubes. It looks very realistic in all details and elements, truly conveys the spirit of the upcoming holiday. The main feature of the set is that the content is completely identical to what is shown on the front side of the branded box. First of all, the main object of the whole composition – a beautiful Christmas house with a height of more than 19 cm, a width of 27 cm and a depth of 16 cm, turns out exactly as in the picture.

The amazing beauty of the gaming location is given by imitation of snow.

LEGO 10293 Santa's Visit

See how the roof of the dwelling is wrapped in a white blanket. Green branches and golden bells stand out brightly against the general background, with which the visors above the entrance to the house and the end window are decorated.

Snow dominates both in the yard and outside the yard – here and there small snow-white snowdrifts catch your eye. Snow caps are covered: a fence, a lantern on a gate post, a mailbox, branches of a tall tree. As you can see, you can even make a snowman out of snow.

LEGO 10293 Santa's Visit

Special attention deserves something that no New Year’s holiday can do without – an elegant Christmas Tree. It is set in the back of the yard. The design is quite complex than it might seem at first glance, when compared with earlier releases of the forest beauty in the winter series of designers. In addition, it lights up, shimmering with flickering lights, like a real Christmas tree.

LEGO 10293 Santa's Visit

And, of course, what a Christmas tree without gifts from Santa Claus under the branches. There will be only five New Year’s souvenirs in the toy set, and among them there is a musical instrument in the form of a pipe.

The main model of the set, the Christmas house, measures 19 cm high, 27 cm wide and 16 cm deep. Despite the modest parameters, the developers of the constructor LEGO 10293 Santa’s Visit They did a great job on the interior design of the house. Everything turned out realistic. Under the roof is the only room on the second floor – a children’s bedroom with a bed, a game table and a chair

LEGO 10293 Santa's Visit

Going down a small staircase, we find ourselves in a dining area with a kitchen, as well as a living room. From everything you can see that everything is already ready for the celebration of Christmas. This, for example, is indicated by the festive atmosphere and the family table. The room is decorated with holly, candles and a bright red tablecloth. There are four chairs near the table for all family members and the main guest – Santa Claus.

LEGO 10293 Santa's Visit

The thematic orientation of the interior is enhanced by small touches and accessories that help to feel the pre-holiday mood of the household. Such thoughts are prompted by the presence of appropriate paraphernalia: stockings over the fireplace with New Year’s souvenirs, a poinsettia plant, a variety of gifts hidden in the rooms, as well as a treat of sweet cookies and fresh milk, specially prepared for the visit of Santa Claus.

Do you remember how usually the western Santa Claus gets inside the house? Well, of course, he enters the dwelling through the chimney. In a toy house, the chimney turns out to be quite decent in design, so it is quite possible to realistically play the appearance of Santa.

LEGO 10293 Santa's Visit

To do this, it is enough to lower his figurine with a bag of Christmas gifts down the chimney – and he will be straight into the living room – and at the very moment when the clock over the fireplace begins to report the last minutes of the outgoing year.

LEGO 10293 Santa's Visit

By the way, the Santa minifigure can be considered exclusive, because it is presented with double-shaped legs, and in such a headdress this hero appears for the first time in modular toys. Many popular bloggers called him the best version of Santa Claus to date.

In general, this set will certainly please its owners with miniature figures. After all, along with Santa Claus, it includes members of a small family consisting of dad, mom and their little daughter. All household members have beaming faces, which speaks of high spirits and makes the characters of the New Year’s party very attractive in appearance.

And, by the way, the adorable girl figurine is also exclusive because it has a reversible headpiece and a unique print.

Constructor buildings and characters LEGO 10293 Santa’s Visit Pairs well with other City Series Winter Village sub-theme sets. However, this toy has its own plot component, so it can exist autonomously. This is a great gift for the New Year holidays, which is able to decorate both the back office in the office and any room in a residential building.

If we compare the constructor in question with last year’s thematic set, then by the number of building “bricks” it is 300 more cubes.

In conclusion, I would like to say that assembling the models of this set will bring real pleasure to builders from solving entertaining, sometimes difficult tasks. They accompany the construction enthusiast from the beginning of the assembly process to the final result. At the same time, you can assemble a Christmas house both alone – an experienced builder will cope with the tasks in three hours, or together with friends, which will shorten the construction time.


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