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Regional LEGO stores in the US, Canada and the UK have decided to introduce LEGO Christmas sets to their customers in advance. Officially, sales in 2021 of seasonal products will begin only on October 1.

LEGO 40499 Santa’s Sleigh

Judging by the discussion on the Internet, the new version of, in general, the traditional designer, released for the next Christmas, is of great interest. The reason for this was one nice addition to the standard design. Most fans of the “world of cubes” gladly received the news that the number of reindeer harnessed to the sled is increasing.

Last year, in a similar set under article 10275, there was only one reindeer figurine, and now there will be four of them! Such a replenishment, undoubtedly, brings the team toy closer to the classic legend of the “heavenly chariot” flying over cities and villages on Christmas nights.

Reindeer are harnessed to a huge red sleigh, on which Santa Claus sits. He delivers Christmas gifts to the children. In his right hand you can see a white sheet with a list of children to whom he should visit this time.

The sleigh is filled to the brim with a variety of gift wrappings. From the images on the back of the designer’s branded box, it becomes clear that among the gifts, among others, were a guitar, a teddy bear, skis …

LEGO 40498 Christmas Penguin

LEGO 40498 Christmas Penguin

This holiday set will delight children ages 8 and up. A cute figurine of a black penguin is assembled from its details:

  • an inhabitant of the Southern Hemisphere, about 12 cm high, stands on a demonstration stand;
  • it is a small fragment of the penguin’s habitat, covered with white snow and blue pieces of ice.

The set also includes a Christmas tree and 3 boxes with New Year’s gifts.

40494 LEGO Polar Bear and Gift Box

40494 LEGO Polar Bear and Gift Box

Another entertaining gift for children for the New Year and Christmas is intended to be a designer 40494 LEGO Polar Bear and Gift Box. It contains two original prefabricated toys with which it is quite possible to decorate the Christmas tree at home or in the children’s room:

  • firstly, it is the head of a cute white bear cub with a red-green scarf – it is made in the form of a kind of keychain;
  • secondly, a color gift box with a bright colorful color scheme.

A white holiday tag is attached to the box with an inscription in English, which means “With love!” in translation.

LEGO 10293 Santa’s Visit

LEGO 10293 Santa's Visit

The next set for Christmas will be a constructor 10293 LEGO Visit Santa’s for adults. It guarantees a great time while assembling this model for the whole family. A cute Christmas house takes you into a state of expectation of a fabulous holiday. This is facilitated by most of the “winter” details and traditional holiday signs:

  • the roof of the house and the branches of the trees are covered with snow;
  • Santa Claus has already appeared in the chimney, through which he usually gets inside the dwelling;
  • real snowdrifts in the yard and behind the fence;
  • Next to the house is a Christmas tree.

At the forest beauty, by the way, the decorations light up – for this you need to lightly press the top “asterisk”.

You will find quite a lot of Christmas paraphernalia inside the house. These are traditional socks on the fireplace, as well as a place covered with treats at the dinner table for Santa. There are gifts and surprises hidden all over the rooms.

The collection set includes 4 miniature figures: in addition to the named Santa Claus, the owners of the Christmas house are included: dad, mom and their daughter.

The Santa’s Visit set continues the LEGO Winter Village collectible series, dedicated to the holiday season and aimed at adult building lovers.

* * *

So far, this is all the information available about the new sets dedicated to the Christmas holidays. But who knows what other surprises the manufacturer of the legendary constructors has prepared?!


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