Official stores adjust prices for Lego sets


We have already reported that changes in kit prices expected in 2022 Danish manufacturer. The Lego company on this occasion published a statement explaining the reasons for the upcoming changes in 2022. The main message was that in this way, trade organizations equalize the cost of designers for all European consumers.

Many commentators then expressed the hope that the price increase would not affect LEGO branded stores, since they are actually selling directly, without intermediaries. And the above-mentioned statement did not mention any price changes in official outlets. Unfortunately, these assumptions did not materialize. In the official online store, for example, goods are now sold at adjusted prices. In particular, the cost of sets of the Marvel, Star Wars, and Lego series for adults has increased. So, the price of the designer 75257 “Millennium Falcon” is now 699.99 euros (58980 rubles), which is 50 euros higher (4213 rubles). A set has become more expensive by 20 euros (1685 rubles) 71043 Hogwarts Castlefor 10 euros (842 rubles) – 71040 “Disney Castle”.

In fairness, it should be noted that the price adjustment in Lego stores was made not only upwards. The cost of some sets of the Danish company, on the contrary, has decreased. For example, the designer 10294 “Titanic” can now be bought for 554.99 euros (46,763 rubles) against the previous 569.99 euros (48,027 rubles). Cheaper kits such as 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer, 10276 Colosseum and others have become cheaper. Despite this, most commentators focus on the increase in prices.


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