No one will refuse this Christmas set


In the designers of “Lego” quite often there are models of various castles. Usually they become an auxiliary element, rather than a well-developed independent object. Although the need for a full-scale version is long overdue.

And what do construction fans do if the Danish manufacturer does not offer them what they need? Of course, he develops and creates his own model. This is exactly what Aaron Newman, the author of a whole series of themed construction kits called “Lands of Dragons” of his own making, did. His castles are as detailed as possible, conveying the spirit of the Middle Ages in all its glory. Moreover, these are not easy empty buildings – they are inhabited by characters familiar from stories: elves, orcs, wizards, knights and dragons. They look as attractive as the locks of this designer.

However, “Lands of Dragons” for Aaron Newman is far from the only hobby. His collection of creative kits includes an amazing ship model with festive flags, ruins that are covered with a layer of snow and ice, a sea serpent, a massive crossbow, a falling dragon and many miniature figures ready to take their place in the designers.


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